The Coffee is on THEM!

Mornin’ Nuggetiers, I’m just dropping in really quick to announce the Dunkin Donuts gift card winners. I’ll still be getting a Make Me Laugh Monday post up but guess what… the ROOFER is HERE! Could there be and end to the The Squirrel Wars (see parts 2 and 3)?

On to the lucky winners, CONGRATS to the lovely Michelle of Blonde Ambition (doesn’t that blog name just make you want to break out the cone bustier?) and Chief of Hiding From the Kids (I am SO there with her on that one!). Winners, email me your 411 and the card will be in the mail.

See ya later for some good giggles.. I don’t know about you but my Monday is already SUCKING BIG DIRTY TOE NAILS so I’m gonna need me a laugh or a sharp object soon.

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