Ode to my summer; back in the day

Today Mayhem & Moxie is hosting a writing prompt as part of the, Around The Blogosphere with Moxie Mona, event (check it out, it’s loads of fun)…


I’ve decided to play along with a tribute to what summer meant for me WAAAAYYYY back when. Pre-boob sagging, sans offspring, before legal ID and when the beaches of Southern California weren’t over run with nut jobs…wait they’ve always been that way, after all I do hail from the land of fruits and nuts. So cue Don Henley, “Boys of Summer”….

Ray Ban Wayfarers (mine, white mother of pearl inlaid!)

Sex Wax (get your minds out of the gutter, I mean the Mr. Zogg’s version. Never wet your stick without it!)

Bartles & Jaymes

Kelly Slater back when a board was a board and my arms were as yet unscathed by sags

This has been my tribute to the summer days of my youth, now long LONG past. But the California Dreamin’ lives on in the generation to come…

Thanks for letting me lament the days of MY YOUTH GONE by. Come back tomorrow for a very “special” WhatEVerrrr Wednesday AND A NEW BRIBE (aka giveaway!)

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