Drabby to Fabby Friday!

***Update: Cheapskate Mom’s Fabby Pic for this week!***

Oooooh looks like fun!

(My #@%#* camera is on the fritz but I’m working on a fix and will post a lovely photo or two when I get it back!)



Pretty soon you all will be jumping up and down yelling this! At least that is what Cheapskate Mom visualized when she came up with the idea for Drabby to Fabby Friday!

Cheapskate Mom took the liberty of posting where she came up with the idea for Drabby to Fabby and the rules to participate right HERE! Please go there and read all about it before you participate!

Cheapskate Mom admits, she is one of those moms in need of some pampering TLC! Also, DiPaola Momma, who has four kids, counts herself lucky if she can shower daily let alone get a weekly chance to spruce up! We think that there are lots of you out there just like us. Mom’s who need to take time for yourself but finding that time isn’t always something you have.

We’re here to say “we get it” and maybe we can help each other out. Be a part of the bloggy movement to go from Drabby to Fabby! Just post your Drabby picture (Required) then post a Fabby picture before the end of the day. Show us you can do it! We’ll do it right along with you!

Leave a comment with a link to your personal Drabby to Fabby story, on either of our blogs, and you will be entered to win the weekly giveaway! Add the DTFF button to your sidebar and you will automatically earn an extra entry for each DTFF giveaway you participate in!

Since we’re just getting started, right now your chances are great! Be a trailblazer! Join the movement before it sweeps the blogosphere!

This week it’s all about feet!

We are on our feet all day, yet we don’t give them the love and attention they deserve. With sandal season fading fast those footsies are going to get even less respect. After all, why pay for a pricey pedicure if you can spend that money on a fab pair of fall boots?! Well you don’t have to take a seat in that chair and fork out $40 bucks or more with the tips you’ll get from our first featured beauty expert!

This week’s Fabby Tip comes from our friend, Lisa over at Learning Beauty Daily. Lisa is also an Avon Rep and she is super knowledgeable when it comes to affordable beauty!

After a long, hard day, it only takes a few minutes to pamper yourself and treat your feet to a relaxing and renewing treatment before bed.

Lisa recommends using Avon Foot Works Conditioning Foot Soak (on sale this week for only $2.99) or Epsom salts with tea tree oil to a warm tub of water. Soak feet for 15 minutes and then scrub with a mix of sugar and olive oil (about 1/2 cup sugar to 2 Tablespoons Olive Oil). Rinse and enjoy your soft, touchable feet!

DiPaola Momma added this tip: You can also get a great moisture boost while getting into the fall mood by using 1/2 cup of quick oats pulsed in a blender until fine and mixed with 1/2 tsp cinnamon and 1/2 tsp olive oil. Soak feet for 15 minutes enjoying the warming sensations and wonderful aroma therapy. Remove them to a towel warmed for 30 seconds in the microwave. Rubbing in a circular motion will help increase circulation through out your body and help you relax.

To trim nails, cut straight across, then file down corners to reduce chances of ingrown nails. It’s easier to cut or trim toenails after soaking, bathing or showering. The nails are softer and make cleaner cuts. Always rinse or swab nail clippers before and after use with a rubbing alcohol to reduce bacteria transfer.

Lotion up using your favorite foot cream or lotion and put on clean cotton socks until morning. When you wake up, your feet will feel and look refreshed and renewed!

Footworks Deep Conditioning Cream is on sale for $1.99 this week.

Thanks, Lisa for those awesome tips! Please stop by Lisa’s blog and say hello! She has generously contributed several items from Avon for our first Drabby to Fabby Giveaway! Lisa is also hosting a fabulous giveaway on her blog with lots of Avon goodies, so drop on by and check it out!

Check out this week’s Drabby to Fabby Giveaway!

The Fabby Feet Giveaway Includes:

Avon Foot Works Deep Moisture Cream
Avon Foot Works Double Action Foot File
Avon Lovin’ My Feet Pedi Set
Avon Foot Works Conditioning Foot Soak
Avon Speed Dry Enamel in Feisty
Avon Portable Nail Salon Set

(Items are being shipped so I don’t have a photo yet!)

We are also giving away a Rada Pro Nail Station which is valued at $24.99!

This handy little station comes with all the accessories to make polishing your nails effortless!

Cheapskate Mom received the Rada Pro about 3 weeks ago and she really loves using it!

Here is what she had to say about the Rada Pro Nail Station:

I am used to painting my nails while sitting on the toilet and balancing my toes on the tub. The Rada Pro Nail Station is awesome because I can paint my hands and toes anywhere! It comes with a hand-foot stand which is self adjusting so I can keep my nails steady as I paint them. It also comes with two washable soft terry cloth covers! The accessory tray is perfect for keeping my favorite polishes in one place! I can keep my nail files, q-tips and remover handy in case I get over zealous while painting, I won’t have to hop around to find a q-tip and remover to correct any flaws! There is also a polish holder which can hold polish bottles of all sizes and the cool part is, it swivels so if you only have half a bottle, it tilts it so you just dip your brush without having to hold the bottle in your hand!

I really am enjoying this handy nail station and I am so excited to share one with a lucky Drabby to Fabby participant!

If you want a Rada Pro Nail Station all to yourself for only $24.99 just visit Rada Pro to order! This really is genius and this nail station has made polishing my nails so effortless, it is worth every cent!

Giveaway Details

This Fabby Feet Giveaway will be up for grabs from now until Thursday, October 8th. Which means you have two weeks to get your Drabby to Fabby post up and linked up here!

So without further adieu let’s get this show on the road!

Here is Cheapskate Mom’s Drabby Picture:

I was nice enough to put on a bra. Normally I let my little gals roam free while at home with no where to go. I know that is TMI but I want you to know I was courteous, hehe I love my jammy pants. They are so soft and furry. My son calls them “Bozo pants” He hates when I take him to school wearing these!

I’m even going a step further and posting a Drabby feet pic. I know, I bet you are super excited about seeing my Drabby feet, huh?

Cheapskate Mom & I promised to be the leader of this Drabby pack and in order to gain your trust, so we have to show the ugly truth! Why not start with feet?

Cheapskate Mom is going to bust out her foot spa and Rada Pro Nail Station and wow ya’ll with her purty feet! Oh and we both hope to have a little bit of wow factor with however we work the fabby today! You be the judge! These gals need some overhauling!

Please join in the Drabby to Fabby fun!

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