Drabby to Fabby FRIDAY with Cheapskate Mom

Today marks the SECOND week of the bloggy movement to go from Drabby to Fabby… EVERY Friday! Come on stop moaning, you can do this! Heck if I can manage to shower for this EVERY Friday AND offer up my own dark secrets (like nasty feet, BTW I hate feet, they creep me out) you can play along. The bonus for YOU is that you’ll be able to get yourself in the running for some GREAT swag… me I just get the pleasure of self deprecation and the occasional run-in with a condescending 20 something at the makeup counter.

Last week my my Kodak SUCKY-share camera was down so Cheapskate Mom offered up herself for our post. You could have heard my sigh of relief on the moon last week. I thought I’d dodged the foot bullet. But, NO… she couldn’t let me do that could she?! Thanks babe! So here is my first drabby pic…


(I realize the font is too small.. I spent THREE hours editing and re-editing.. once again demonstrating my own tech-suck-ie-ness! BUT if you click on the pic it should enlarge it for you.. if you’re brave enough to get closer to these puppies!)

So there you have it my nasty, WAY DRABBY, tootsies.. you can thank Cheapskate Mom for this lovely image that I’m sure is now burned into your retinas! While you’re over there, before thearapy, don’t forget to enter the Drabby to Fabby contest. We now have Mr. Linky helping us out and this week’s prize back is AWESOME!

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