I don’t like Mondays

You may think that… say, Garfield or maybe Bob Geldof, corner the market on being the haters of Mondays. I’d have to beg to differ with that one. Neither of them have to get up at 5:30 IN THE AM to wake up teenagers and get verbally abused by 10 year old girls, whilst picking up dirty socks that NEVER seem to end up anywhere but the family room floor, all before they can even drag themselves to the nearest coffee dealer as THEY HAVE NO COFFEE POT!

Nope the stinking cat gets to stay all snuggled up in his box, warm under his blankie (note to John, it’s been over 20 years now buy the freakin’ cat a real bed already!). As for the hip, talented, freakishly English looking, filanthropic crooner, Sr. Bob.. I don’t really see him doing the early A.M. waking up thing. Not even back when Trixiebelle was an angst ridden teenager, not the hip designer of trashy undergarments she’s grown up to be. The world is your oyster, you have all the money you need to do anything you’d like to daughter.. what is your heart’s desire.. I want to make $200 plether thongs daddy… He must be so proud!

As I reread this post moments ago it occurred to me that maybe I’m a bit pissy today.. so I’ll just stop here and put the fate of the day into the hands of the Boomtown Rats. Good luck with the whole Monday not sucking thing gang!

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