It’s FRIDAY.. and I feel a FIT coming on!

You didn’t really think that I’d given up pitching fits did you? If you did well then hand over your membership card, you’ve failed the test. It was a pop quiz, I distracted you using Cheapskate Mom and my nasty feets, and you fell for it! I’d NEVER give up random rants about things that annoy, tick me off and/or puzzle me. I’m out numbered by kids and cats, buried under piles of unattended to laundry, unpaid and over worked. Heck I’ve got an endless supply of material to push me into daily fits of range and indignation even with out the “scandal” of David Letterman getting some on the side. Just be happy I only subject you to it on Fridays. 

Speaking of Dave… word to the media.. SHUT UP ABOUT IT ALREADY! I for one consider it the 8th wonder of the world, David Letterman got some! More than once? Without paying for it? Really?! I mean have you seen this guy? This just goes to show you that money is indeed sexy. Do you think he’d be getting it on the job if he were say the manager at the local Cheap Mart? I think not.

Before you go off on me telling me it’s sexual harassment and the women were taken advantage of, know this about me. At my last duty station, while in the Navy, one of the superior officers in my squadron was Paula Coughlin, of the Tail-Hook scandal. In life and during all my years in the Navy, I’ve rarely met a more down to earth, honest and straight forward woman. I’ve seen what sexual harassment can do and IF any of the women Dave got busy with were victimized my opinions on this topic will change. However, until then I say, WHAT?! This is “news”… days and days worth of it no less!

This week eight Americans were returned to their families in flag draped coffins, children went hungry, a family mourned the brutal killing of their son in a Chicago school yard. When did we become a nation of scandal obsessed prudes, falling over a cliff like lemmings and accepting this crap as news worthy? I’m with Ariana Huffington who told Joy Behar that stories like this are issues that should remain private, between a husband and wife. YES, Joy Behar has her own show now. That is a WHOLE other fit in the pitchin’. Is CNN/HLN now the Cranky Nags Network? 

When did the American public become the poontang police anyway? I wonder how much could be accomplished if we demanded that the digging up of bedroom dirt on people in show biz and government stop. I know there are some people out there that make the argument that we “need” to know the character of those in office. Why? If they are doing their job and not breaking any laws I just could care less.

Dear Mass Media Outlets,
Please focus on things like bringing home our troops, feeding the hungry in this country, helping families in need, putting an end to child abuse and domestic violence, getting the economy back on track and ferreting out who exactly those little green dudes in that craft that landed in my mom’s yard when she was smoking drinking coffee on the porch were.
In disgust,
DiPaola Momma

I now invite the Nuggetiers to a truly disturbing post.. come see me SANS both makeup and sleep.. if you DARE (insert diabolical laugh here, bwaaaha haha haaaa)

This just in, another WHAT??!!!!! moment. Our President just won the Noble Peace prize! Yeah…um…huh? Wait did I miss something? Were all the troops returned home over night? Did he persuade Iran to ditch their Nuke aspirations and install a democratically elected government? Are the Yankees and Red Socks having their own Beer Summit on the White House Lawn? Oh the committee nominated him for his “efforts to solve complex international issues through diplomacy”…. See you Monks in Myanmar you’re just not diplomatic enough!

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