And the Horoscope says….

This is what my Google horoscope said this morning (at 3 AM when I couldn’t sleep!)

“Your life is simple when you just do what you are supposed to do. But on days like this, even if you know what you should be working on, you might not feel inspired to come up with the correct magical words or the right actions. Even if you aren’t excited about what’s ahead, keep plodding through the day. Your enthusiasm gathers momentum and will have a positive effect on everyone around you.”

(insert creepy Twilight Zone music here) 

I’m in a blog bog and crap storm of both bloggy and real life things that need to get done leading up to my trip to Vegas this weekend for SITScation. I’ve worked really hard to get there and am freaked out super excited about meeting all the amazing bloggers, PR reps and super chic speakers who will be there. The whole “do what you are supposed to do” thing, applies to everything from the mundane like the doing of the dishes that have been sitting on the counter for two days, to baking bribes bread as an offering to my in-laws for taking care of the brood so The DH and I jet. It also includes an interview with Uma Thurman this morning, on the eve of the red carpet premier of her new movie Motherhood. Not to mention I just got an amazing makeover from the super cool peeps at Bubbles Salon. I plan to share that journey with you in a post that will be filled with scary BEFORE pictures, SHOCKING after clips, tips and a giveaway teaser. With so much to get done I actually am lacking in the feeling “inspired to come up with the correct magical words or the right actions” thus my inability to sleep leading to my writing a post at the ungodly hour of 3AM! One thing the swamis at Google Horoscopes messed up is claiming I have a lack of excitement about these things. Admittedly I’m not real enthused about the dishes, bread baking, house cleaning, packing, and bathing kids things, but the other stuff  I’m super excited about. I hope that I can gather that momentum and have a positive effect on everyone from the Nuggetiers to Ms. Thurman to my kiddos. Here’s to the power of positive thinking and the level  motivation that only comes from being over extended.. WOOT!

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