Fit Pitchin Friday, the airborne addition

Did you think my being on a plane on my way to a fantastic weekend with the bloggers at SITScation was going to keep me from pitching a fit? Oh how little you know me! I’m never at a loss for things to moan and complain about. Mother Nature and her evil minions PMS and COLD have done their part to ensure that if I wasn’t already going to pitch it I’d be forced to now.

I should have known it was too good to be true… an A-Freakin-Mazing hair makeover from Bubbles Salons… killer new red and black patent pumps, a suite at the Venetian in Vegas with The DH and NO KIDS… bliss, nigh on heaven on earth, no? Leave it to me to be hacking up a lung, chasing around a rouge nose as it runs everywhere, and being bloated up like a puffer fish in a shark tank (I’d be the one retaining all the water from said tank as well). So sure I’m on my way to Vegas but I’m not doing it MY WAY. (this is where you insert the Sinatra and get the song stuck in your head for the rest of the day)

What’s worse than flying coach? Flying coach with a head cold, cramps and no sleep.. lovely. Fear not though Nuggetiers I have found a few ways to entertain myself. For example, The DH and I were “fortunate” enough to be seated one row in front of three lovely young ladies whom I suspect may be  Rosie Perez’s cousins. Oh the lovely sounds of the Queens NY accent spiced up with a dash of Puerto Rican flare. I could just shove an ice pick through my temple that would be “entertaining” nes pas? Or I could, entertain the idea of standing in line with the 12 other passengers waiting for the toilet. Really why must you ALL have to go when MY bladder is full?! Food is entertaining right? Well at $6 for PB&J sammie it had better be! I don’t care if Todd English “designed” it, or if you used almond butter and artisian bread… if it’s got grape jelly on it people it’s a PB&J and that’s that!

So as I enjoy my free in-flight wifi that keeps cutting out (SHOCKER) and complementary 1/4 of a can of diet coke, I invite you to pitch your own fit. I fully expect to hear the random “shut the hell up at least you’re going to Vegas comment” so hit me with your best shot.

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