What Happens in VEGAS…

Isn’t gonna STAY in Vegas… BUT considering all the fun, food, libations and dancing going on at SITScation 09 here IN VEGAS last night I’m thinking posting about it deserves all my attention and seeing-as-how I’m exhausted, in a good way for a change, I think I’ll just let your imaginations run wild until I get back home! 

Let me just say this, I wouldn’t be here without all of YOU! That even one person takes the time to read my rambling insanity is BEYOND me! Reading your comments is always the highlight of each and every one of my days and a simple thank you just doesn’t do you justice. I think I’ll go grab one of those open mike things and sing you a song… trust me if you wished you were here before, now you’ll be thankful you aren’t! I couldn’t cary a tune in a bag!! But I’ll sing for you all the same. Have a great weekend Nuggetiers. 

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