What did I FORGET today Wednesday

Oh Nuggetiers my Nuggetiers, I’m beginning to think the old noodle has gone on vacay and failed to notify, let along take the rest of me along. Don’t get me wrong I’ve never been, THAT mom. You know her right? She’s the one who never misses a birthday, teacher appreciation day, or a single day at the gym. With perfect hair and ironed clothes she heads out to the bus stop 10 minutes early with her kids who are equally perfectly put together. This woman has floors that sparkle and not with the leftover glitter from last week’s diversion created so the kids leave you alone to blog family craft project, they are actually CLEAN. I’m not her, and frankly if you are her well drop the Prozac babe and join the moms who blog revolution sister. We are MUCH cooler than you! And people don’t talk behind our backs they just comment to our faces on our blogs (anonymously of course).

So what’s my problem today? Yes I’m aware that my problem changes daily, but you love me anyway, right? RIGHT?! (momentary pause for pre-coffee insanity.. deep breath..) Turns out I screwed up, again. Today is the day for Kirstin’s blog party Harvest of Friends and I almost missed it. My lovely partner Cassie of My Life With Kids was kind enough to send me an email days ago asking for the 411 on The Nuggetess, yours truly, and I spaced out. Just so you know I SUCK! My lack of brainage led to Cassie having to do her post with out golden blog fodder like what my favorite color is and what my go-to hooch is. My most sincere apologies to Cassie, who is the mom of two totally adorable guys (I offered up my daughters but no betrothal offers have been made). She blogs about being muscled into taking the kids to Chuck E Cheese, or as we call it in this Italian American home, taking the Rat up on an offer you can’t refuse, badda bing! And if she weren’t a Latina from Jersey I might give her crap over the fact that she has Sissy’s blog in her blog roll and NOT mine, but I’m afraid she’d kick my butt! She did sort of make it up to me in her post about The Nuggets today though when she alluded to the fact that I’m a Ho for the comments. I encourage you my darling Nuggetiers to get out there and harvest the friends to be found in the blogosphere today, start with Cassie then stop by Kristin’s place (you may ignore the fact that she has Cheapskate Mom’s button and NOT MINE). Then might I suggest some other fine, vintage as well as new wines blogs:

Joy of Joy to the Blog is not only a long time Nuggetier she is my personal spell check, her kids are both talented and beautiful.. mmmm just like mom, go figure!

Jennifer of Hip as I Wanna Be who is not only my personal cheerleader she is my first BBF (Bloggy Best Friend) to become a RLF (Real Life Friend) and I heart her!

Brandee of Think Tank Momma who not only keeps me going with nearly daily comments (remember I’m a Ho for those) she gave me an award today that you simply MUST see! Brandee are those your “girls” if so I HATE YOU!

Mary Mac of Pajamas and Coffee another BBF turned RLF who by the way WARNING posts about sex, drugs and rockn’roll.. Cha rock on momma!!!

And so I don’t get accused of being sexy sexist I send you over to one funny dude Ed of Ed’s Funny Pages. You’re in for a treat gang he is funny, changed his blog title for the holiday (insert awe here) and even gave it up for a quickie yesterday.

I didn’t get to even a 10th of the amazing Nuggetiers out there and that is only because well.. I have to feed the kids they get a bit vocal if I don’t. I’m thinking about a Mr. Linky link up so we can all mingle.. who’s bringing the martinis? Let me know if you’d be up for that and I’ll make it happen.. yeah I’m cool like that. Happy Hump day.. and if I forgot anything don’t tell me I subscribe to ignorance as a mantra.

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