Fit Pitchin’ Friday.. I wanna be a princess!

Tomorrow is Halloween, by far my favorite holiday. What’s not to love about a day where you get to dress up as anyone you want, scare the crap out of unsuspecting children and demand candy from strangers? I subscribe to a cutesy free holiday. Banned from my home are cheesy smiling pumpkins, warm fuzzy little black kitties and adorable grinning ghosts. Bring on the bad guys, that’s how I roll. So it was no surprise that my favorite part of the festivities at last night’s Disney On Ice was hanging out with these guys and ghouls

This scary bunch includes your very own WereNugget, my familiars + #1’s girlfriend (now THAT is terrifying!), The Evil Witch Jennifer of Hip As I Wannabe, her devilishly darling boys, Mary The Mistress of both Darkness & Pajamas and Coffee  plus her minions of cuteness. Not pictured here is the creepily cool Amy of Resourceful MUMMY who also brought along her goblins.

I’ll admit I figured the little outing would help fulfill my holiday quota of torture. Against what is usually my better judgment, I listened to The DH. He moaned and groaned about how boring ice shows were and I bought it. Keeping with the theme I offered myself up as a sacrifice, while he stayed home watching BASEBALL! When this showed up on the ice though I knew the Evil Empire (aka the Yankees) could do without my hexing cheering for them.

Jack Skellington showed up with Cruella Deville, Captian Hook, Maleficent and the rest of the bad guys. BONUS! Plus #4 stood up, danced and sang the ENTIRE theme song from Nightmare Before Christmas

Here is where the fit comes in… Being full of myself and my Halloween ideals I figured as soon as the bad guys were gone I’d be on to the suffering part of the show. Yet as soon as she hit the ice I was a gonner

My desire for decaying Victorian burial garb faded in the dazzle of sequins and rhinestones. Princess after princess paraded out on the ice in all manner of bedazzling ballroom attire. Each flanked by one Prince Charming or another. Lifted weightlessly into the air and twirled around in dizzying displays of devotion by these muscled men on blades these chicks had it all! I found myself mesmerized and jealous. I want to be HER! No I make it Cinderella, who cares if she was enslaved by an evil stepmonster she still got to be a princess in the end. Wait maybe I should be Ariel. I could abandon my family, opt for voluntary genetic mutation and still land me Prince Eric. As the show unfolded a growing need for sparkly things grew inside me. I now fear that I might end up buying a tiara and shudder a glittery pumpkin in advance of Halloween. THANKS so MUCH Disney On Ice!

Even though I’m still sulking over the sequined smack down to my ghoulish self image, I wouldn’t want any of you in the Baltimore area to miss out on the show. If you’re thinking of going I’ve got a coupon code for ya MOM, it will get you a family four pack of tickets for $44, but HURRY the show is only in town until Sunday Nov 1st. Want to read a less fitful review of the show, check THIS out.

Happy Halloween Nuggetiers, I’m off to soak in some swamp puss, grab my fangs, don my cloak and get back into evil mode before the aforementioned unsuspecting children show up tomorrow.  

(Tickets to this show were generously provided to me and my family free of charge)

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