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Have you guys ever listened to blog talk radio? If you haven’t you are missing out! One of my FAVS is Jen Hinton of The Classy Closet‘s show Chicks Who Chat. Jen herself will tell you the show is about everything and nothing. For me it’s all about FUN! She does a weekly “Promote your friends” show. Listeners email in the blogs of their friends, Jen checks them out and chats all about them on the show. On last week’s show I met a really fun chick and BEGGED her to come guest post for me. She finally caved under pressure so I now give you Stephanie of Life in a Blue Zoo

Hey, I’m Stephanie. I hate being in my 30’s, am addicted to coffee, and lip gloss. I am a mom of 4 rowdy little boys. I have an 8 year old who thinks he knows everything (except still can’t tie his shoes – and I seriously develop a tic every time I try to show him how), 5 year old twins who are sensitive and rambunctious, and an almost 3 year old who thinks he is running this show! I’ve been married for about 7 years to a man who I love dearly even if he is driving me crazy most of the time! I also have a very sarcastic sense of humor, which I consider to be a good thing. It keeps us all laughing around here! (Which sounds way better than the crying, pleading, begging, and screaming – believe me!)

Here is her post for US!

I can’t wait to embarrass my kids.

I’m seriously looking forward to it.
When my boys bring their girlfriends home, watch out! I’ll be busting out the embarrassing baby pictures. Probably throw in some truly embarrassing stories.
I will be the old lady following my boys around in the store with curlers in my hair. Wearing a muumuu and yelling about how I farted.
I will not feel bad about this behavior. Let me tell you why…….
When my oldest was 3 ( I call him Howler Monkey – because he is SOOO loud.) my mom had taken us out to lunch. We were in a very busy restaurant. My mom and I were just sitting there talking while the Howler Monkey was coloring when all of a sudden…..
Me- “What?”
HM- “Remember when you locked me in the closet and turned off the light?”
Me- “What?! I Never locked you in a closet.”
HM- “Yes, you did!!” He is getting so loud. People are staring. “You locked me in the closet. Remember?”
Me- “No. Cause I didn’t. Now shush. Just color.” I’m desperately shoving the crayons at him. “Shhhh!!!!”
HM- “NO! MOM! You locked me in the closet!! And shut the door!!!”
I’m seriously waiting for CPS to show up and have me arrested at any moment. My mother was so helpful. She sat there and laughed. Gee, thanks mom!
There was also the time that Howler Monkey yelled in Wal-Mart, “I LIKE HERS BOOBS!” At a very startled young blonde teenager.
Not only has my oldest embarrassed me at every opportunity now my youngest little ones are joining in.
My twins, Koala and Turtle, are 5. They are really good at getting me when I least expect it.
I once had to pee at Wal-Mart. I was alone with the little ones, so I made Turtle and Koala go into the family bathroom with me. I told them to face the wall. Big mistake! Really, what was I thinking? As soon as I sit I hear in a very loud accusing voice “You said you had to pee!! You’re going poop!! We don’t want to be in here.”
Me- “No, this is how mommies pee. Girls sit to pee.”
I could hear people walking by and laughing.
K &T- “You’re sitting to pee??”
K & T- “Its cause you don’t have a pee pee mom. You only have hair…..” They were thoroughly disgusted.
And people out in the hall were no longer stifling their chuckles.
Koala and Turtle are also at that age where they announce everything they see. Like “She has a big butt.” “He stinks mom” or “Wow, her stomach looks like it has 3 babies in it.” They don’t make these observations quietly either.
My youngest son who just turned 3 is also getting in on the action. Last time we were at the store he announced to everyone in the bread aisle that “Mom-EEEEE you’re on crack!! Mom-EEEE is on crack!!!”
So you see when the time comes for my revenge I will not feel guilt. I will yell absurd things, and fart loudly with pride.

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