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Okay so I’ll admit my bloggy mojo is lagging a bit today. Is it a Monday thing? Could be. Maybe it’s an issue with “Aunt Flow” (boy readers, put on your big boy boxers and deal with it we ALL know this goes on!). I’m not sure what it is.  So I’ve constructed a spirit circle of recycled printer paper and send up smoke signals to the gods of blogdom asking for answers. Oh and said a few prayers, chanted, lit some candles and fed rats expensive fruit. That pretty much covers most angles.

In the absence of bloggy inspiration I figured I’d drum up some of the oldies but goodies, in my opinion at least (I vaguely recall having one of those at some point). Stop back in tomorrow both to see if my evoking multiple religious icons worked AND to get some great advice on both saving and get this…. MAKING money on holiday shopping!

On that note you can stop by the Mom Made Gift Guide anytime via this link or humor my childlike glee in having figured out, all by myself, how to set it up so that you can just click the wine swigging mom pic on the left side bar. I’m still not even close to being done with it, but there are a few of the best ones up now.

On to the the regurgitating of previous posts….
Who the hell thought of this crap? And why the hell can’t I get it out of my head?!
A Converstation with #4
and because I suspect that they just might be back, I leave you with my post about The Brain Snatchers

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