The word of the day.. MOOHLAH

skipping in singing All I want for Christmas is a friggin’  iPhone, a friggin’ iPhone, oh a friggin-crazy-expensive iPhone 

<——-like this one, $299 SMACKERS! Glup

Okay so it’s super cool. With this puppy I can shoot embarrassing professional quality vlog posts! I can stalk tweet stars, like Gary Oldham (don’t judge). It even has a digital compass app so I I’ll never get lost in my own basement again.
THE PROBLEM.  Not only are them suckers pricey, you’ve got to take out a loan to pay for the TWO YEAR service contract!
So WHAT is a girl to do? I’m thinking——>
OH I think I’ll start with my pal Shanon’s contest over at For The Mommas, where I can win $100 of the bank I need in the form of a Target card. But I don’t want YOU doing that, that lessens my chances of getting said iPhone! Oh alright go ahead and enter. And hey while you’re there you’ll also learn about Shop At Home. No it’s not some crazy HSN thing. It’s actually really cool. I don’t know HOW they do it but they pay you to shop. You earn a percentage of your purchase price back by shopping at their participating stores. A great example is 10% back at OLD NAVY! This works much like I got over $100 back last year after my on-line holiday shopping! Today  you can get a FREE $10 gift card for places like Target and Sephora for joining FREE! Tell em I sent ya!
Another great way to make a little cash to get that iPhone or more likely buy those I-have-to-have-this-or-the-world-is-going-to-implode toys is She Trades. It’s a bit like eBay only without the high fees and WITH lots of designer stuff! Sell yours or pick yourself up a great little number for that holiday party!
There is MOOHLAH out there waiting to be made… and hey you could always show your Nuggetier pride and say BUY ME AN iPhone for Christmas, that would totally RAWK—————–>

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