This JUST in Jillian Michael’s wants YOU to be a LOSER by being a WINNER!

Hey Nuggetiers! It’s almost 8:00 here at the lair and I’d normally be lounging on the sofa with The DH, eagerly awaiting the kicking off of the next hoofer from Dancing With The Stars… BUT I just some GREAT news that needed to be spread H1N1 style!

Jillian Michael’s of Biggest Loser infamy has teamed up with Sports Authority to launch her new Nintendo Wii Fit game.

Here are the details on the new launch:
Sports Authority is teaming up with Nintendo to create a new way to experience fitness gaming. The collaboration will allow Sports Authority to sell Wii gaming consoles, Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus, as well as various accessories and games for the Wii, in its stores. To launch the product and to help customers get to know the Wii better, Sports Authority will create a “We know fit. We know fun.” experience at 102 of their stores. Stores will feature a dedicated area with a demo unit and knowledgeable trainers to help customers try the Wii Fit Plus before they buy. This will help moms trade static workouts for ones that involve fun and fitness for the whole family.
On Thursday Nov 19th if you’re near Torrance, CA I hate you because you’re not dealing with frozen cars in the morning stop by the Sports Authority store at 3610 Torrance Blvd any time from 9:30 am until around noon-ish.  WHY SHOULD YOU GO? Well other than the fact that I’ll just ooze with jealousy.. you’ll get a chance to meet the badass QUEEN OF BUTT KICKING HERSELF!  I don’t know about you, but she scares the HELL out of me. So I’d be going to check out the “world’s largets Wii Fit Plus” demo that will feature 102 peeps plus Jillian doing her thang. OH and you can also win COOL swag from Sports Authority, Nintendo and Nike.. MAYBE even a copy of “Fitness Ultimatum 2010” (sounds like SOMEBODY is going for the annual “Madden” effect there).

So you say you’re STUCK on the east coast with me? Do I hear a few Nuggetiers moaning about living in Minnesota? Fear NOT my darling Nuggetiers I shall NOT let you down. I have a copy of of “Fitness Ultimatum 2010” AND a Wii Fit PLUS board to give away (two winners, one prize each). 

What I want you to do, is win it and GIVE IT TO ME! Sadly I wasn’t smart enough to get me some swag for this one (take THAT for disclosure FTC!). Nah just kidding you can keep it insert pathetic sigh here 

To win you need to follow me or subscribe to my feed (leave a comment telling me you do THIS IS MANDITORY!) you ALSO have to tell me what you’d eat knowing you’d work it off in like 3.2 seconds with this game.. and make it GOOD people.. I want deep fried and smothered in chocolate here! You can earn 1 extra entry for Tweeting, Facebook linking, a blog mention or purchasing a billboard (a minimum of 20 stories high). I’ll need proof of these entries so leave a link in the comments or a high resolution pic of the billboard. 

Contest ends December 1st at midnight EST. Winners will be announced December 3rd.  
for more info on the game and where to find it visit HERE 

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