What’s with the bag babe?

I’ll tell ya “what’s with the bag”.. it’s a GREAT excuse for a Twitter Party/LIVE streaming internet fashion show! The Sondra Roberts handbag/twitter/stickam/super-cool-chicks-in-real-life-OMG party was a blast! The hostess with the mostests Janine of Twofer Mom (@twincident), my personal twitter idol the RAWKIN’ COOL Amy of Resourceful Mommy (@ResourcefulMom) and  the lovely Linda of Short Pump Preppy (@shortpumppreppy) who gave me a great geography lesson, really put on a great party!

Of course I had my “girls” to give me support (would you guess with a yap like mine that I’m sort of socially inept? wait don’t answer that)

(Left to right) Jennifer of Hip as I Wanna Be (@MammaMania) looking EVER hip as always, MaryMac  herself of Pajamas and Coffee (@marymac) working her boots baby! and yours truly, PUMP it up! (oh and just in case you didn’t know you can find me on twitter as @dipaolamomma)
But the fun didn’t end there, I got to bring home a bag.. yep! Oh and I came face to face with some of the people I STALK either on twitter or their blogs OR BOTH! 

(left to right)@TechSavvyMama who unlike ME is really a Tech Savvy Mama
(yeah I’m SO gonna beg her for help!)
@Jodifur who is a REAL LIFE HERO protecting kids! She writes the blog Jodifur.com
and you SHOULD go check her out cuz I said so and you’re all good minions right?!

Oh OH I about SHAT myself when Jenn emailed me to tell me that JESSICA of A Parent in Silver spring was going to be there.. I had a full-on  OHMYGODIHEARTHER bloggy rock star groupie moment. If you don’t read Jessica’s blog or follower her as @JessicaAPISS on twitter, you are dead to me you are missing out.

It was a great time. We got to giveaway stuff on Twitter, take stuff home, chat, drink wine and NOT chase kids around!

Jennifer, Mary and I finished off the night the best way EVER, booze and brownies (20 miles on the treadmill SO WORTH IT!) with our newest bestest best friend who doesn’t blog BUT is the queen of all things social media, guru of the TweetUp and life long imaginary BFF, Melanie (@sisarina).
So this is all nice and good right, but WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU?! Well other than some links to a-freaking-mazing peeps… I’d like to know what YOU would go to a Twitter party for. Maybe Spa stuff, or some super cool toy, recipe ideas.. dish! I can’t promise I’ll make it happen but I sure will try!
While you’re waiting though don’t forget to enter the Wii Fit Plus giveaway HERE, and a heads up for next week.. on deck I’ve got an interview with Jason Schwartzman (was Rushmore not one of the best movies EVER?) from the new movie Fantatic Mr. Fox (can you say Clooney? SWOON!). A review of JumpStart Wii games and MORE GIVEAWAYS… think shots at a vacations, kitchen tools from OXO and MORE!

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