A Very Nuggets Holiday

Twitter Moms is hosting a Dora Christmas Carol contest that got me thinking about what my five favorite family holiday activities are. I’ll confess I’ve had a hard time getting into the spirit this year. After all Christmas has been stalking me since September, making me feel a bit pressured. But with Turkey day just days away I’m starting feel in (insert Blink 182 here).

Today is all about getting on that holiday groove. My favorite family activity is our annual cookie art day. My mom started this when I was a lil’ ol Nugget. Everyone would gather in the kitchen with the 350 million sugar cookie cutouts she’d baked and tons of frosting, sprinkles and nummy bits. Mom would judge our works of art and the winner would get a prize. The one big catch, you break it YOU eat it! Sound okay right? Well it was.. so much so that we’d break a few at the start of the festivities just to nosh a bit. HOWEVER by the time we got down to the last dozen or so cookies the thought of eating even one more crumb was nauseating!

My favorite part was seeing how fancy they could get.. and then by the time the end was near they’d just end up with frosting slopped on them. I still giggle at those. We now carry on this tradition with our kids. We also have the kids do an Angel Tree donation. Each child picks and angel from the charity tree and shops for that angel. We have a wrappers partay.. you can imagine that fun. MY FAV is taking cookies to the fire house on Christmas eve. We also have a sappy holiday flick fest.. It’s A Wonderful Life.. etc… I LOVE A Christmas Story best though. I don’t recall EVER hearing my Da laugh so hard.

What do YOU do every year that says THE HOLIDAYS ARE HEAR for you? Tell me about it, lets get in the mood nuggets style!

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