It’s like BUTTAH!

WELCOME to day one of the officially unofficial kick off of the FIRST evah official, Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom Week in Reviews. This event is the result of lazy blogging habits weeks of preparation. I’ve been working hard stalking more popular people on twitter for hours and ignoring everything else

Here is how it’s going to work… in my befuddled brain at least. Every day I’ll bring you something new. We’ll kvetch, you’ll comment, I’ll set my minions Randomizer to work picking winners where loot is involved. Because I’m socially awkward and have an obsessive desire for adoration from strangers on the internet, you MUST be a Nuggetier (aka follower, subscriber, devoted stalkeratzzi) in order for me to buy you off with free crap. Any questions?   

On with the FUN already! 

Today it’s all about the butter babe! I don’t care if you’re (cough Jennie G) all into being a fit little thing, heck I’m workin’ hard to be right there with ya, but… NO ONE can deny the power of butter. And I’m not talking the “everything’s better with BOO GONE it on it” I’m touting the REAL thing here Nuggetiers. The beauty is that the old cliche “all things in moderation” (bleh) leaves room for a lovely pat of the GOOD stuff even in the most health conscious diet every now and then . That said, there are varying degrees of good. Much like wine, butter has it’s versions of both Boon’s Farm and Cristal. I don’t know about you but give me the Cristal!    

So we’ve established I’m a butter snob then right? That said I was really excited when I was contacted by Challenge Dairy and asked to help them spread (ha ha, butter.. spread.. I made a funny) the word about their KILLER giveaway and the AMAZING quality products they produce. What better way to do that then to get your butts in the KITCHEN?! Challenge, challenged me to come up with a recipe for a side dish or snack for the holidays using their butter and spices from the AMAZING Spice Islands line of products.

They sent me dill, smoked paprika and Beau Monde, plus some coupons for the BUTTAH. I’m sorry but I can’t help myself I HAVE to do my Mike Myers as Linda Richman..

impersonation every time I say the word butter.. it’s just one of my lovely neuroses, discuss amongst yah selves. 

Since dill is sort of an.. how shall we say.. pungent… flavor I chose to give it it’s own SHOWCASE sparkly sparkles and jazz hands recommended. Being that Challenge Dairy makes a lovely spreadable butter  I chose to use it instead of waiting around for the stuff to come to room temp. Then I chose to use cream cheese and ended up freaking waiting ANYWAY! Once the cheese was room temp (8 oz of it) I added it to 1/2 cup of spreadable Challenge BUTTAH. I could have stopped there.. REALLY I could have just noshed on the whole bowl hiding in my closet so no one would judge me… but seeingashow this is a whole share-it-with-the-blogosphere-thing I figured I’d take one for the team and keep on cookin’. To the butter and cheese I added 1tsp of Dill Weed (that’s how the label reads, makes me laugh.. Dill WEED ha!) 1 tsp garlic powder, 1/4 tsp cracked white pepper. Sure you could do black peppercorns and yeah it could be just “regular” pepper but where is the annoying foodie snob fun in THAT?! Next I popped all that creamy savory goodness into my sorry excuse for a food processor (hello KitchenAid, if you are reading this blog, which you SO should be. I’d totally pimp it out for one of THESE). Now for the piece de resistance.. 3 oz of smoked salmon.. YUMMO! Pulse this until smooth and lovely. I got all Martha with it and piped it on to crostini with a star tip and topped it off with some sliced green onion. WHA LA, salmon mousse en crostini! Easy peasy one two threesie! 

Next up I tipped my hat to the crazy people in my family, okay so that is MOST of them, and created.. CAJUNS-R-NUTS my own little buttery, spicy, crunchy side dish for BEER! Knew I’d get ya with that last one. Here is what you’ll need.. 1 pound of PEECANS, pah cauns or pecans to us civilized folk. 1 stick of Challenge Dairy’s European Style BUTTAH, 1 tablespoon of the  OH so GOOD Spice Islands Beau Monde  seasoning, 1/2 tablespoon of their smoked paprika, 1 tsp (or 1/2 if you are wimpy on the spicy stuff) of cayenne pepper, 1/2 tsp garlic powder. Preheat your oven to 350, then melt the BUTTAH in a sauce pot. Add in the seasoning, mix it WELL and pour it over the nuts making sure to coat them all. Cover a cookie sheet with baking parchment and spread the nuts out in one even layer. Bake for 6 to 10 minutes. Allow to cool.. a step my 16 year old choose to ignore resulting in him sounding like he has a speech impedement.. place em in a dish, grab your brew and turn on the FOOTBALL! 

Now that you’ve decided that I simply MUST invite you to my next holiday party, let me let you down easy. Want to WIN? WELL you’ve come to the right blog baby! Challenge is giving away a vacation prize package to beat them ALL! 7 days and 6 nights for FOUR at Montana’s Mountian Sky Guest RanchDUDE they even have a SECOND place (they call it first since the other is GRAND but who has time for semantics when there is WINNING to be done?!)… $850 worth of kitchen gadgets and spices from Spice Isands and one of my PERSONAL FAVS OXO. Here is what I’m thinking.. the contest ends Dec 31st, enter NOW and if you win either of the two prizes.. I GET A CUT, after all I told you about it right, and um I’m like SO FUN and you TOTALLY want to hang out with me in Montana or share your kitchen goodies with me just to win my favor.. right.. RIGHT?! (just kidding you keep it, but take a picture and send it to me). 
 I’m not as COOL as Challenge Dairy.. BUT I can bribe you with free stuff!  


The prize pack contains two FULL VALUE
coupons for Challenge BUTTAH products
an OXO whisk and spatchaspoonula thingy.

To enter MY giveaway you MUST be a 
Nuggetier. Then leave me a comment telling
me what your FAV holiday recipe made with
BUTTAH (duh) is. Extra entries for tweets AND
a whopping 10 entries if you post your recipe 
on your blog and link back to me. 

I’d like to thank Challenge Dairy for providing me with products to use at home and to give to YOU! Challenge is mostly available on the west coast, BUT it can also be found in military commissaries (which is where I got mine). If you win and can’t get the product where you are I’ll be happy to work out a substitution with you.   

My contest ends Monday December 7th. The winner will be announced on Thursday December 10th with the goodies making it into your hot little hands just in time for Festivus!

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