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How many of you are going to buy someone a gift this holiday season? I’d wager at least a FEW of you are (we won’t count Ed he’s a Grinch). When you’re out stalking sales, trudging through traffic and spending crazy amounts of cash how much thought goes into the impact of your gift BEYOND the unwrapping frenzy?

I’ll admit it here, for the six people who read my blog world to read, that I don’t generally think much about the global impact of gifting. I’m sort of a grab and go girl. Which I think is understandable if not excusable, as I have a gaggle of offspring to shop for. Yet in the back of my harried brain is that inner hippie my parents raised me to be. NO  she is not smoking wacky tabacky and doing Hatha Yoga (Mari!). She is my own personal Jiminy Cricket and sometimes something comes along that lets her shine. 

This time that something also lets my inner Heidi Klum out.. YES Mrs. Seal lives in my brain.. what you think that’s odd or something? Well then YOU haven’t been around here long, have ya?! Heidi and Jiminy were so excited when I got the opportunity to review products from XS Project.  

Simply put XS Project is were chic and cause come together in the perfect mix of function, form, fashion and philanthropy. 

The minds behind the project saw the problem.. 

80,000 tons of flexible plastic packaging is manufactured each year in Indonesia

They heard the plight of those in need
There are an estimated 350,000 – 450,000 trash pickers in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. Most of them undocumented and living on a monthly income of aboutUS$ 30 to 35 per family.
They found the right creative and passionate mind 
Visual artist and environmental activist Ann Wizer, who conceived of this initiative in the mid-90s while living in the Philippines.

And they brought it all together to build the XSProject Foundation. Dedicated to enriching the lives of artisans, the concept is to provide jobs for those with few income generating opportunities.The project is ever evolving, working with new designs, materials and concepts.

I was provided with this pen case, that my 10 year old tween age fashionista daughter has already laid claim to

What struck me first about it is that there was NO way I could ever tell that it was made from post consumer materials let alone plucked from a trash pile in Jakarta! She LOVED the color and the tag sewn onto the case that states “This product is handmade from waste collected by Jakarta’s TRASH PICKERS“. She is a budding Eco-Chic diva and you would have thought I’d handed her Prada! 
The XS Project  also sent me this great notebook cover
which will adorn The Nuggets daily planner, aka keeper of the keys to the Nuggetdom and the ONLY reason I ever get ANYTHING done (not that it’s EVER on time). The hard surface will provide an instant writing table anytime one of my BRILLIANT schemes pops into my brain, and the lovely colors will make it easy to find in the bottomless pit that has consumed my work desk!    
So back to the gift giving idea.. imagine that you bought say.. your FAVORITE Mom who blogs this lovely   “Market Market” tote
NOT only would you be giving her a CHIC and ECO friendly gift.. you’d be giving the gift of self reliance and a shot at financial security to a family a world away but with the same hopes and dreams that you have for your own family. Simply put, buying something from The XS Project Shop will be a gift for more than just the recipient. PLUS I she will look SO FREAKIN’ HIP!
The kind people of XS Project and Tellem Worldwide have teamed up to bring the gift that gives and GIVES MORE to a lucky Nuggetier. Riddle me THIS to win..(aka answer any one of the following questions in the comments section to get an entry. One entry per answer, one answer per comment.. SO answer all 3 questions in 3 SEPARATE comments and get 3 entries!  confusing enough?). And since the best way to help the project grow is to get the word out, everyone who tweets a link to the SHOP page of the Project XS website gets 3 MORE entries (be sure to include @dipaolamomma in your tweet or publish the link in the comments).
Question 1: Why is the manufacturing and use of plastic drink pouches on the rise in Indonesia?
Question 2: What are the two most important interconnected goals of the project manufacturing?

Question 3: What is your PERSONAL favorite item in the shop?

Contest in open to US residents only. Ends Monday December 7th at 10 pm EST.  Winner will be announced on or about Tuesday December 8th.

FTC DISCLOSURE: The Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom blog was provided product from this company for review and/or giveaway. 

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