update.. I’m runing LATE

If you’ve been around a while, me running late is NO surprise! Yet some how I still feel obsessed obligated compelled it’s only fair to let you know that today’s post will be delayed a bit. Sure like you’re sitting around WAITING for it. I know what you’re really waiting for is the winner of the Wii Fit and Jillian Michaels giveaway.

As it turns out I SCREWED up on Sunday when I posted that I’d be announcing the winner today. In truth the contest reads…

“Contest ends December 1st at midnight EST. Winners will be announced December 3rd. ”

SO than means you have until midnight TONIGHT to enter! I’ll be announcing the winner on THURSDAY.. sorry for any confusion… but honestly I’d be SHOCKED if a whole week went by that I didn’t screw something up. At least this didn’t involve a heat source or the emergency room.

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