SQUEEEEE .. balls that is

By now you’ve figured out my dirty little not so secret; I’ve got a mean Twitter addiction… BUT unlike some of my other vices like coffee, cheesecake and 4 inch heels, this obsession has led to MORE than caffeine jitters, cellulite and credit card debt. Twitter introduced my whole family to Bully and the rest of the Party gang at Squeeballs. They are a CrAcK uP! I was TOTALLY stoked when Bully himself showed up at the Nugget lair.. He agreed to do a Vlog for us..

(yeah I’m STILL tech STOOPID and can’t figure out how to get the video file to compress and fit my 3 column layout.. DEAL WITH IT!) 
I have to say this game is TOTALLY unique. At first I thought the cooking game was sort of morbid. I mean these little dudes are CUTE and they make bratwurst out of them! But the sheer joy my kids get playing it makes it all just silly fun. And lucky for us the following press release was made yesterday:

“Share the joy this holiday season with “Squeeballs Party,” a family friendly video game by Performance Designed Products (PDP). The Nintendo Wii and DS game was recently reduced to $19.99 in time for the holidays.”

That is an AMAZING price for a Wii game! You can find the gang at places like Toys-R-Us, Walmart my arch nemesis, and Amazon. OH OH and guess what.. they even have  iPhone and iPod touch apps!! (we all KNOW that I’ve been a VERY good Nugget this year and that the fat man had BETTER bring me a freaking iPhone!)
BUT what kind of a Chief Nugget in Charge would I be if I couldn’t GIVE ONE AWAY TO ONE OF YOU?!! (that is a rhetorical question by the way). The gurus of gaming at Squeeballs have bestowed upon The Nuggetiers one FREE copy of the game for the Wii.. What do we say? Well SQUEEEE of course, DUH! 

To win, go visit the world of Squeeballs THEN come back here and tell me who your favorite charter is THIS IS REQUIRED FOR ALL OTHER ENTRIES TO COUNT! For extra entries become a FaceBook Fan  of the gang, tweetstalk them like I do follow them on twitter @squeeballs, and/or Tweet THIS post. 

contest open to US residents only, ends 12/8/09 11:59 pm EST. Winner will be announced before December 11th so that you can have the Squeeballs gang over for the holidays! 

FTC DISCLOSURE: The Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom blog was provided product from this company for review and/or giveaway. 

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