How to TRICK your kids into learning with Jumpstart

I have to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jumpstart learning games. I actually started using them WAY back when #2 was little. At SITScation in Vegas I was all GOOGLY EYED when I got to meet the fantabulous Carissa Rogers of GoodNCrazy. Undaunted by my insanity hero worship she ACTUALLY had a conversation with me. In that convo she offered me a trial subscription to Jumpstart online and said she’d give my contact info to their PR team (silly girl she must not have know how I’d hound them.. he he). The team to shut me up sent us their Wii game Pet Rescue. Being the obsessive one little techie in the family #3 took to it right away. He enjoys unlocking “presents”, with-in the game. Little does he realize he’s “playing” MATH! He also digs creating his “dude” and picking out diggs for him. I’ve been AMAZED by the things he’s learned just “playing” the game! He’s gotten so good that he conceded to teaching his little sister how it’s done. WELCOME to my 3rd vlog (and yes I STILL have NOT figured out how to size the file to my blog!)

Okay so this clip isn’t showing you WHAT they learn.. BUT you now know what a BOY mouth looks like and that Pink is BEAUTIFUL..and that my daughter is a bossy, fashion obsessed, little diva in the making. THANK God her bro will be able to tutor her!
We’ve picked up their new game Escape from Adventure Island for his birthday and I’m pretty sure he’ll LOVE it too! And if he does, I suspect he’ll “want” to vlog about it. He thinks he’s quite the STAH after The Nuggets Week in Reviews!

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