It’s beging to look a lot like SITSmas!

Welcome my SITStahs! One of the BEST things about being a member of SITS (besides all the comment wubbin’) is SITSmas and the chance to link up and learn even more about the fabulosity of the wide world of the SITStahood! Oh and the fun giveaways don’t hoit needer.. So here is my SITSmas post, I hope you have a Jolly Good time reading and playing along with the gang from SITS

Here are the BEST gifts I’ve ever received even though I’d like to return them now and then

My SITSmas gift to ME is this year will be the years of endless torture this last picture will give my teenage son.. This is ALMOST better than one of those naked baby pics!

Notice the absence of The DH.. no publicly viewable photos could be located I keep the good stuff for MYSELF.

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is a
HOWEVER… I suspect that since The DH took me to VEGAS and I got to meet

and since my mommy came too and 
bought me one of THESE!

I figure that Christmas came in October for me.. so I’ll just settle into some spiked nog of some sort.. NOT EGG! Eeeewwww who the heck ever thought,  “oh hey lets mix some RAW eggs with cream, sugar and spices and serve it up as a holiday TREAT” I think maybe they must have been drinking the SPIKED part before hand! Then I’ll kick back and enjoy some lovely blog hopping on this MERRY MERRY SITSmas!

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