Winners Wednesday

The following, minions Nuggiters were smiled upon by the Gods of Random Number Generator…

Joy Winner of the super cool super savvy Eco chic products from Project XS. I was like Randomizer say wah? When her number showed up. That she won this prize package is kismet at work! Being a long time BBF (blogg best friend) I’ve gotten to “know” her a bit. She.. GET THIS… makes amazing art work out of re-purposed and recycled items! That is too cool, and kind of creepy.. maybe Randomizer has become self aware and is now reading our blogs.. “Hello Dave” ooooh

Next up, can we tawlk, coffee tawlk style? Jackie, who doesn’t blog and who’s email in her profile will not open for me, so if you know her shout out to for me, wins the Challenge Butter and OXO kitchen gadget contest.. it’s like BUTTAH I tells ya!  

SQUEEEEEEE, the Squeeballs Party Wii game winner is none other than Christina of Rant Rave Roll who BTW won off the number she was assigned for tweeting all about The Week in Reviews event here at the Nuggets.. see it pays to worship me and do my bidding!

Didn’t win? Don’t get all mad and stuff and go off unfollowing me or sticking a pin the nearest nugget voodoo doll.. I’m getting back to my “normal” blogging in the weeks to come .. HA I said NORMAL, BUT I still have a few giveaways on deck as well… can you say Nerf or Wii? or Wiinerf? That sounds like some German designer breed dog, like a Puggle huh? So stick around, hang on my every word and we’ll have some more fun. Teaser.. my next post will be about pharmaceuticals and gastrointestinal FUN is THAT gonna be?!  

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