A very Nuggets Christmas sing-a-long

(sing with me Nuggetiers.. to the tune of “Over the River and Through the Woods”) 
Over the Verazzano——>

AND through THE FOG—>

From Grandma’s house we came.

but Brooklyn is SOOO LAAAME!

Over the Hudson and to the Potomac knock it off kids, 
you need a SMACK!
YEAH so the house is a big nasty mess fest 
get off my EFFING BAAACK! 

I haven’t been blogging, or even gone jogging,
oh the guilt it grows and grows
AND there is this fat man who says I’ve been naughty, 
or so HE THINKS knooowwws!

I think I start drinking 
At The DH start winking
is that just TMI?

ONE more Chirstmas pagent?!
Oh hell no! 
I think I’ll freakin’ crrrryyy! 

Thanks for the sing-a-long gang.. NOW it’s your turn! Go forth and pilfer a holiday tradition and Nuggetize it to show your solidarity! Take a small stand against the stress that is the holiday season.. Bah Nugettbug! 

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