May the Schwartz be with you….

Remember SpaceBalls? It has to be one of the best parody flicks ever. Forget Scary Movie! This one has the Schwarts, Princess Vespa and Joan Rivers voicing the C3PO-esque character. And who could resist Jon Candy dressed up like a dog? NOT ME! So I totally planed to rip off pay homage to this masterpiece of modern theater in my review of the Nerf Wii Sports Swords. You know how the story goes. Girl finds great toy, girl plans to Vlog about it. Girl finds out she has to make sheep AND Wise Man costumes. Girl has 2,347 cookies to bake and 433 gifts to wrap. It’s an age old tale really. Fear not though I still plan to Vlog about them.. how can I not? I have 3 year old, a Yoda costume and green face paint. It’s like a primal blogger’s instinct it MUST be done!

For now, what I can do is tell you what we think about the Nerf Wii Sports Resort Swords and the new Nerf Wii Sports Pack. IF you were one of the 2 1/2 people who subjected yourself to watched my Squeeballs Party Vlog you’d know that my son, #3, is the consummate EXPERT on all things Wii. What you didn’t get to see was that The DH and our teen, #1, are not beneath stealing a toy from a 5 year old and playing with it! All three of the guys give two thumbs up to the swords. SHOCKING HUH? What IS shocking is that I dig them too, and frankly I’m not a big fan of video games. The swords are light weight, it’s easy to install the Wii controller with just a snap, and if I say get really ticked off at and accidentally bop The DH in the head.. the fact that they are made of NERF material saves a trip to The Jerry Springer show.

The Wii Resort Sports game is actually my FAV! The sword play game is fun and even a bit of a work out if you go all Zoro and stuff. I do have to make sure that the gang doesn’t play “against” each other. Somehow that ends up being a time out moment rather than family game night. My 10 year old, #2, liked the ping pong paddle in the the Sports Pack Plus. She says it makes it feel like she is REALLY playing the game. And from a kid who we say joins every sport just for the uniform (she is a fashionista for sure) that is saying something. What I liked most is that all of these things where made from Nerf materials so if someone whacks someone, or a cat even, nobody is really hurt. They were all easy to install the Wii controller in as well. If you are buying a Wii, Wii games or accessories I HIGHLY recommend all of these products. They add to the feeling of being in the game, which is the best thing about the Wii to me.  The only draw back is they are not gnaw proof. We found this out when #4 (who is 3) got frustrated and bit part of the putter off. Oh well can’t win em all sweetie!

BUT you can win the Wii Nerf Sports Pack (standard)  or the Wii Nerf Wheel right here at The Nuggets though!

We’ll make entering to win easy. Tell me what your what your FAV toy was growing up. Just leave a comment. MAKE SURE TO LEAVE YOUR EMAIL! You can get 1 extra entry per tweet and blog post.

Contest ends CHRISTMAS EVE EVE.. aka Dec 23rd at 5 pm EST, so I can pick a winner and get back to the kitchen! I like to think that it would add to your joy to know you’ll be getting another toy to pick up off the floor every stinking day for after the holiday. Winner will be notified via EMAIL (if I can’t find you snooze you loose. If I pick you and can’t email you I’ll pick another winner 48 hours after I announce the first winner). Open to US residents only.

I was provided a copy of Nerf Wii Swords, Wii Nerf Wheel and Nerf Wii Sports pack plus to review and keep. No additional compensation was made in exchange for this review.

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