Your Christmas Card, courtsey of my kids!

Ho Ho Ho Nuggetiers, not being judgmental there just holly, jolly and junk. I’m on a bloggy break, aka in holiday zombie mode, until I pop back it on Christmas Eve EVE to play the Good Elf and announce the winners of the Wii accessories and Kraft gift basket o’ goodies contests.

We’ve been snowed in for DAYS now and my kids are driving me bonkers. Yes I realize that it’s a short drive, BE NICE! They must have played a particular YouTube video 2,147,208 times in just THREE days! So I’ve desided to infilct it upon you re-gift the dam thing and let YOU get it stuck in your head too! CRAP the freaking GRINCH stole the Embeding code for the video.. go watch it though it’s a hoot! I LIED! It was just my CRAPTASTIC tech skills! 

Christmas is Creepy by Fred 
Merry Christmas Nuggetiers! You have really made this an amazing, fun, insightful, informative and inspireing year. Let’s take it down here and get all “real” and junk…. I FREAKIN’ heart you maaaan! Have a happy, safe, fun holiday. Here’s hoping none of you get a Swiffer, an ugly handbag, a hideous light up holiday sweater that’s FOUR sizes to big for a hippo, or a really nasty hang over <—– All items I’ve PERSONALLY received and can therefore vouch for their suckiness. If you DO happen to get one of those mean hangover things, I hope someone got video of you “earning” it (they can email it to me and I’ll post it!)

Peas, Out.

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