Fa La La La LA … La WINNERS Laaaaa

As promised I’m popping in today to announce the winners of the Wii Nerf Sports Pack, Wii Nerf Wheel and the UBER COOL Kraft Foods basket o’ bodacious bounty.

The Elves over at Randomizer picked the following Nuggetiers to bestow some Holiday cheer upon (the rest of ya will just have to spike that Egg Nog to get your “cheer” on. Bleck egg nog!)

Tracy of Northeast Craftworks & Design… A talented Newbie blogger and child of the hippie era just like MOI! Wonder if she got stiffed with a freaking Carb and Carrot birthday cake for her 6th birthday, too?! …wins the Wii Nerf Sports pack. CONGRATS!

And the lovely.. whatever her name is cuz it ain’t in her profile, MOM of Mom’s Place. A mom of FIVE.. so kicks my butt in the complaining about how many kids I’ve got department.. wins the Wii Nerf Wheel. I have a feeling there will be some bickering over who gets to use that one. SHALOM!

Last but most certainly not least is Katie of Bring on the Lloyds. She had me at, baby feet. Katie is the lucky winner of the bountiful basket o’ good goodies from Kraft Foods… I say we demand cookies from her. CONGRATULAZIONI!

Alright before you start fussing at me, ED, let me just say there will be LOTS more to come in 2010.. including my first EVAH Twitter party (so um yeah you’d BETTER be following me on twitter BEE HATCHES!). I’ll get back to pitching fits on Fridays, hosting Drabby To Fabby with Cheapskate Mom, droning on and on and on about things that get me going, OH and I’ll even be debuting the “OFFICIALLY unOFFICIAL” Nuggetier badge/hat/callingcard thingy as yet to be identified. Will you be the first one to have the HONOR inflicted bestowed upon you? We shall see.

I’ll be on a bloggy break until after the mayhem of the holidays. Hope you all have a great whatever the heck you celebrate!

Winners, PLEASE email me your address. The companies that generously provided the giveaway items will be mailing your loot directly to you (so don’t bug me okay?! just kidding you can bug me. not really)

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