Where oh WHERE has our Nuggetess gone?

I’m still here.. in theory at least. I’m working on a year end post and the debut of what I HOPE will be a KILLER KICK OFF for 2K10. Just a sneak preview.. I’ll be turning this “mommy” blog over to the DUDES.. January will become MANuary! Filled with guest posts, celebrity interviews, a sneak peak into ze minds of ze mens..oooooh scary ;0P (FYI the DH has woosed or wussed or vuzed out on doing a guest post… CHICKEN!)

So I’ll see ya back here… well crap TOMORROW is New Year’s eve already huh? So I’d better get my stuff together and work up some sort of semi-put-together post. FYI I want it to be a link up so start searching for the best of the best from your 2009 posts.. remember it’s your last shot of the DECADE! 

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