Mighty Fine in 09

Now I’m going to date myself… NOT in THAT way, geesh you people I swear! The title of this post was inspired by my Senior Class motto “Mighty Fine in 89” CRAP I’M OLD!  

I didn’t want to call it “Best of..” or “Thinking back on..” or “Year in review” like some of the other hacks amazingly creative bloggers out there like me. Then again, I can call it whatever I want it’s still just a “LOOK MOM I BLOGGED” post. I took 10 minutes to pull this out of my tail spent the last week or so pouring over all my post of 2009 to regurgitate compile a list of my favorites. Did you do a year end post too? IF you did I’m including Mr Linky so you can link up yours and we can all engage in a bloggy love fest. 

On a less cheeky and snarkalicious note, from the bottom of my pulmonary center, thanks so much for hanging out. You make me laugh, inspire me, drive me to fits of jealous obsession with your talents and help me to maintain my tentative grasp on my fragile sanity. GRATZIE MILLE! and FELIZ ANO NUEVO

This question remains unanswered Who the HELL thought of this? 
One from my claim to in”FAME”y Fit Pitchin’ Friday.. YEAH!
Because I can’t help lovin’ that Man O’ Mine The DH
From the mouths of babes (or the inspiration for making the SAME New Year’s resolution as half the population of the planet) Why Do I Bother?
And lastly, because it NEEDS to be said again and again The Greatest Casualty is to be Forgotten

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