Hi 2010, how YOU doin’?

Sure, I’m a mom. I write this blog. I’ve been known to hold a contest or twenty. Okay so I’ve done a product review here and there. BUT does that alone make me a “Mommy Blogger”? I’m not saying being called that is a bad thing. Heck I’ve been called much worse, yesterday alone in fact.

For me the issue with being called a “Mommy Blogger” is I sort of feel it’s rather exclusive of far too many things. In the real world I’m actually prone to curse like a sailor on occasion (being that I was actually a sailor I get a free pass here). I am passionate about sports, rude humor, beer, punk and have been known to float the occasional air biscuit on the sly in a crowded room. BOOYAH!

Now let’s play a little word association game. Does the word, mommy, spring automatically to mind when I say “foul mouthed”, “beer swigging”, “boxing fan” or “passer of gas”? Some how I doubt it. So how do those traits jibe with, “cleaner of house”, “prognosticator of play dates”, “guru of groceries” and “in search of sanity”. I’m not sure and that’s sort of the point. I am a mom who blogs, and that’s about all I know. 

In my struggle to be seen as a mom who blogs rather than a mommy blogger, I stumbled upon something. Dads blog too! Who’d a thunk it, huh? WOW I was shocked. Okay so maybe I wasn’t shocked. Maybe I was just far too focused on, “I am woman hear ME blog”.  So, I’ve decided to do my part to give the dudes their due the best way I know how (aka the path of less work for moi). I’m turning The Nuggets over to the boys. It’s not January 2010 here it’s MANuary baby! 

I’m kicking it off with one of my favorite, inappropriate comedy clips of all time. It’s equally offensive to all genders, ages, ethnic groups and sexual orientations. I’m not saying it’s for all MEN but MAN it still cracks me up decades after I first watched it.. yep I said DECADES!
Now this month’s homage to the hombres does not mean that I no longer think say that.. a cat makes life fun. Nor does it mean I’ve turned over the mom-ing duties to the DH. It’s just my feeble bloggy attempt to play nice with everyone.

I’m hoping to have the schedule of events, guests, giveaways and such ready by the end of the week. So stick with me girls it will be a BLAST.. and boys THANKS FOR BEING YOU!

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