Fit Pitchin’ Friday.. MANuary style

With all the great material (which I’m hoarding for myself at the moment) rolling in from the lovely lads who will grace us with their wit and wisdom this MANuary I got to thinking about what might be going on inside those mysterious minds of theirs. That got a little scary… I started to want a remote and a beer STAT!

After a few deep breaths, a quick panty line check and little reapplication o’ the lip stick, I took one look at my side of the sink and figured I knew what The DH would pitch it about if he were to grow a pair and join in MANuary revolution. We women take over the bathroom! And don’t hide behind your monitor and say “Oh not me,  I’m not one of those women” stuff it sister we are all THAT girl! 

When did it happen that men could get by with one brush but we girls need at least four? Don’t get me wrong I’m not giving up the rat-tail comb, medium barreled porcelain vented round brush, hard bristled styler or even that handy dandy natural bristled baby. But honestly The DH’s sad do doer is shoved over in a corner like the pimple faced kid who wears head gear to the Jr High dance his mom dressed him for.   

Don’t get me (or him I guess since this is what I think he MIGHT be thinking) started on the sheer volume of cosmetic product strewn about the room. If that weren’t enough to drive him the the Y, I’ve got 2 blow dryers, flat & curling irons, hot rollers and my arch nemesis the lighted 20x magnifying mirror all in that tiny 7×4 foot counter space. Truth be told I can’t even recall one thing that’s his in that room.. toothbrush maybe?

So ladies maybe we need to cut the boys a little slack in the BATHroom.. give them some space or at least respect the space they have… hold on what am I saying? I’ll start worrying about his “space” when he keeps is socks off the dam living room floor!


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