Fit Pitchin Friday.. And the list goes on .. and on..

At the insane lovely hour of o-dark-thirty this morning material for today’s fit began to fall into my lap. It started with the jackass sweet young man next door who is home from college to care for his useless and whiny ailing mom. I’m sure that protecting the 1991 Toyota CRAPola he drives is important. However, the klaxon he ripped off from the Bosnian PD to use as an alarm, was NOT the way I wanted to be roused from my beauty rest. Rest, which I’ve been missing lately that has me resembling this..

Hey at least I spruced up with some accessories! 

I spent the evening prior bitching and moaning comparing notes with the other disgruntled breeders girls. Seems The DH isn’t the only man who implores the, Uh-huh-head-nod-watch-TV-with-one-eye-whilst-not-giving-a-crap, conversational style. Note to the boys, just give us 3 minutes lord knows we give YOU that! Until the IOC declares channel surfing and Olympic sport you are NOT in training! So put the dam remote down and pay attention to your woman! Remember her? She’s the one usually responsible for at least one meal you’ll be ingesting today and I KNOW you don’t want it to contain exlax anything that might upset your digestive tract!

Once the sun finally decided to show up I figured maybe I could turn this one around. Coffee in hand I sent the evil demons I spawned darling older two kiddos off to school. By that I mean I screamed back, “Yeah I don’t like you either have a great day you ungrateful little brats”,  from the sofa while having unclean thoughts about Bob Van Dillen the weather hunk on headline news. My momentary lapse into a “Oh,  is that high pressure system approaching or are you just happy to see me?” fantasy cost me though . Turns out #2 is incapable of actually closing a door. A failure that seems to have fallen into the category of MY FAULT. See I didn’t use my x-ray vision to see through the THREE walls separating me from the foyer and said unattended door thus causing The DH’s big fat hissy fit righteous indignation upon discovering it. WHATEVER!

Wow I thought I wouldn’t be able to pitch it today.. turns out I’m a gifted muckraker, who know? Fit finished I’ve committed myself to a day of DANCE for which I may be involuntarily committed… do join in! It’s almost as productive as pitching a fit to faceless strangers on your blog!

(dam I hope he didn’t miss practice in the making of this film)

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