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Thanks once again to my “minor” obsession with Twitter (it’s getting so bad The DH suggested that I forgo the Swine Flu vaccine and opt instead for the Bird flu version) I’ve found a really great guy to feature in this little stunt I call MANuary. I’ll confess when I first started following his tweets it was a “girl” thing. Our guest today is, Ted Rubin (@tedrubin) CMO of e.l.f cosmetics. If I recall correctly I was trying to win something from the gang at @askelf or maybe I was just begging for help with my James-J-Braddock-esque under eye circles. As the story unfolds though I find that following Ted’s tweets is anything but makeup chatter.  Sure he tweets about work related stuff but with a heaping helping of wisdom (Chicken Nuggets of WISDOM, hello!), a sharp sense of humor and an obvious pride in being a parent. I figured I’d hit him up for an interview, after all he seemed the perfect mix of what a girl wants and how a guy thinks. And he did NOT disappoint! GENTLEMEN and ladies (remember it’s MANuary) I give you my interview Ted Rubin…

We all strive for balance in our lives. I’m sure that is no different for you as a dad or as the Chief Marketing Officer of a wildly popular cosmetics company. What are some of the things you do to help you strive for that ever illusive balance?

With very rare exception, I never miss time with my daughters. I stay connected to my work but my time with my girls is my off-line time. Working out often is a key component in striving for balance. Being involved in social media is a great place to meet new people, keep in touch with friends and build on friendships. All of these things help to balance the hours spent working.

Life sometimes takes us down paths we could never have imagined we would travel. Did you start out with the goal of being the CMO of one of MY favorite cosmetic brands? (Ted starts out this answer with a really great laugh)

No, I started out in investment banking. From there I moved to a working with Seth Godin in a burgeoning new field called online marketing which has led to a whole new world of Social Media. 

I love the sheer joy that you exude when talking or tweeting about your daughters. The joy you get out of being a dad translates even in the twitterverse. What would be a perfect day for you spent with your kids?

I love to take them skiing. It’s not just the fun you get from the activity I enjoy though. When I take them skiing it’s a time that is just all ours. I lived in Aspen for a few years and love to ski. When I take my girls they look up to me because I have this special skill. That really is a great feeling, especially as they are hitting their teen years now. 

If women are from Venus and men from Mars, does working in an industry built around women make you feel like less of a Martian?

I think I have a better view of Venus from where I sit. I really enjoy working with women, especially Mommy Bloggers, which I don’t think is a bad term by the way. Women really own social media, they know what they like and don’t like. They aren’t afraid to tell you what you are doing right and where you can improve. I think Venus and Mars only really run into problems in romantic relationships.

One of the reasons I created MANuary was to give my female readers some insight into the mind of the MAN. Being in the beauty industry and a pioneer in social media you have what I think is a very unique perspective. So tell us, is there something that men find beautiful that might surprise us?

Well I can only speak for myself on this one, but I like muscle on a  woman. I’ve known women who were really very fit but avoided any kind of toning exercises because they didn’t want to get cut or buff. A woman with great tone and shape, I find beautiful. As for some of the deeper issues, I think most men can agree on a few of these. Understand we need alone time too. Give us some space when we get home. Don’t ask me what I want for dinner, just make it and I’ll enjoy being with you to eat it. I love it when a woman does the planning, I show up and we both have a great time. For me it’s more about the company than the activity. One thing I don’t like and I doubt any guy does, is a last minute cancellation.  Don’t call me at 4 o’clock and tell me you can’t make the 5 o’clock dinner reservation. 

Being that it is MANuary here at the Nuggets of Wisdom I feel obligated to ask you a “guy” question. And being that I have NO CLUE what the heck a “guy” question would be I’ll ask my girlie version. What would be an ideal date? One geared just for what a guy like you likes?

Anything I don’t have to deal with, make it easy, relaxed and don’t over plan it. Not everything has to be scripted. If we can manage expectations everybody has a great time.

So Nuggetiers what great truths do we walk away from this interview with, besides the fact that Ted is AWESOME? Well I say it’s this. Stop over planning, let a few things go, don’t cancel plans, find balance, don’t be afraid of a little buff, go skiing and wear great makeup! Great advice to be sure. Thanks Ted!
Ted also writes a personal blog that is a great read as well.

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