The Bruce

And just in case you thought only Scots could pull off the be-skirted thing I give you Maryland’s own man in a dress.. Kevin “the” Bruce.
When Lara, AKA- dipaolamomma, asked me to do a guest posting on her fabulous Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom, I was at once confused and flattered. First off, I just started blogging THIS MONTH! Surely, I’m not a good example of all of those bloggers that slavishly write everyday, adding volumes of truly entertaining and enlightening articles to the net. I have been known to Tweet a little, under the pen-name kevinbruce , but I am NOT known for being a hard-core blogger!

That being said, I’ve found that blogging is quite fun, while serving the purpose of feeding my voracious, insecurity-fed, ego! I started out blogging over year ago at my name site, but it was mostly a dry blog about PHP codewriting. Interesting to me and about 2 other sad and lonely people in the world, but not fun.
A little bit about me (and really, that’s what it’s about, isn’t it?), I was born a poor sharecropper in rural Atlanta, GA. Our family, getting by on the kindness of my father’s employers, managed to eek out a living that was full of hardship and tribulation (what the hell does that word really mean?). Leaving home, I discovered the life of a vagabond artist suited me. While roaming the wild tundra of Ohio, I found the love of my life, Cathy. She was able to see beyond my eccentric foibles and marry me.

I achieved an aptitude for doing meaningful, soul-rewarding production art and eventually moved up in the world to meaningful, soul-rewarding web production art.

After 12 years of blissful, unfettered marriage (where we made love in any room in the house, anytime we wanted), we decided to have a child! I was looking forward to two years of trying (sex EVERY night, baby!) when, after 2 months, Cathy was blessed with morning sickness.Birth! I’m not going into that (shudder*).

Our little boy is a wonderfully beautiful little being that is capable of expressing sweet angelic innocence and truly unfettered evil, otherwise know as an Id. He has really changed our world in many wonderful and monetary stressful ways, but, as in many abusive relationships, we love him with all our hearts.
I am a geek. The types of geek I am, and have been, are:

  1. Star Wars geek
  2. Mac Computer geek
  3. Movie and TV geek
  4. PHP coder geek
  5. Food geek
  6. History geek
  7. Gamer geek (mild case, but including LARPs, so that’s counts for double)
  8. oh, and Downtown Frederick geek

Ok- that’s quite enough about me! Thanks to Lara for inviting me to lower her readership numbers (she really had way too many). Thanks to the 4 people that read my blog (Hi, Mom!) and the 1165 people that auto-followed me on Twitter! Finally, thanks to my wonderful wife and son that put up with their odd husband and father 🙂

“So long and thanks for all of the fish!” – the dolphins

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