Oh Peas {and Bananas}

It is MANuary!
Is next month, FEMbruary?
shaking head
All I know is that the hen was looking for some Rooster Juice!
Well, something along those lines…..anyhow….
I am that egocentric dad over on Peas and Bananas aka Daddy Bookins!
You know, the one that will not stop talking about lil boo, poop, farts, gorgi monsters, espresso, Sunday morning ritual cocktails (#smr) and anything else that floats my boat.
No really….
Fine.  I am actually Cameron, thirty something year old living his life on the grid with his lovely wife (the Mrs.) and only son, lil boo.  Yes, we live in suburbia, as disturbing as that is it is life.  I used to work simple easygoing hours, Monday through Friday, never an ounce of overtime.  Then BAMMO somehow the vortex of the brick and mortar jungle sucked me into a life of hell.  You see, I am the boss (at least at work I am – at home is another story) and with that comes all sorts of F’d up malarkey.  Running crews day and night, weekdays/weekends has virtually destroyed my inner being of sanity.  I am a pure disaster!  The governing body of ADD to the extreme now sanctions my OCD habits.  As my Doctor so poignantly states, “Life’s A Bitch” – thanks for being so positive doc!  With that said…off to a positive note this year….the year of 2010 and dramatic changes – are you with me? 
If not….too bloody bad….
Now for my shameless plug!
Were you aware that I wrote a children’s book?

This is correct, I did.  Peas and Bananas Outside with Lil Boo

Were you aware that it is available to purchase?

This is correct, it is!

Were you aware that we are having one heck of a cool Twitter Party? TONIGHT  by the way and I your loyal Nugget Momma will be there in my full twitter addicted glory!

You are now!

Join in on the action, January 28th from 8PM to 10PM
Twitter Party #LilBoo ~ 8-9pm ~ Reading to Children – We will discuss early childhood development and the importance of reading aloud to our children.
MomTV MomActive Channel ~ 9-10pm ~ Meet the Author!  Daddy Bookins (me) will answer questions and discuss the book Peas and Bananas Outside with Lil Boo.
RSVP on MomActive.com (I am also a contributing writer – daddy token of the group)
Hope to see you there!
Peas Out!

~daddy b.

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