Fit Pitchin Friday.. Please don’t go

I feel rather secure in making the following pronouncement


How could it NOT? I mean we had….

Were treated to
Answered the age old question

We learned that being a “retarded assclown” both attracts and repels the opposite sex
 And NOW we know we don’t have to 
over plan EVERYTHING!

Sounds like a pretty productive month of blogging or at least one hell of a weekend in Cabo! So what’s this fit about? We’ll with gentlemen taking their leave of us I’m concerned that the lack of testosterone around here might send my estrogen levels out of wack and I’ll start being all, “Do these jeans show off the fat where my ass used to be” again. 

I’m concerned that the boys that do stick around post-MANuary-partum (yes they are ALL babies and think anything with boobs is obligated to mother them so I can make up that word and use it with authority dammit!) will be scared off by the changes. Thus causing my follower and analytics numbers to drop. Let’s not kid ourselves here. We ALL know that’s a prelude to catastrophe! It’s just the first domino baby.. NEXT it’s housing futures and the stock market! I’m all for change we can believe in an crap like that so I’m hoping we can continue to reach across the isle, bridging the gap between haves and have nots (fill in with your own idea of WHICH is the better “have” to have or have not. Me I like the “have” I’ve got). So don’t go breaking my heart … well really .. you couldn’t if you tried. I know you say I only hear what I want to. I don’t listen hard to anyone, any where, you don’t understand if I really care. Your only hearing negative… but I say.. STAAAY
And if having the talent to rip off BOTH Sir Elton AND Lisa Loeb in ONE post isn’t enough to keep you around maybe being able to hear what Evan Handler has to say about Sex (and the city, got ya there huh?) is. He was kind enough to give us an insightful and freaking funny interview AND I’ll be giving away three copies of his book It’s Only Temorary: The Good News and the Bad News about being Alive  (I don’t have the words to tell you how much I LOVED this book and this has got to be one of the first times in my ENTIRE life I’ve been wordless. The DH is hoping Evan NEVER stops writing so he can enjoy the respite). I’m putting the finishing touches on the post now and it will be up this weekend thus ending the first annual MANuary the way it should end.. 
WITH A MAN! (duh)

PLUS at the suggestion of many a like minded male I will be premiering FABruary! (see you smart asses you didn’t think I’d do it but you were WRONG. I win.. AGAIN!) Kicking it off the best way I know how.. WITH CHOCOLATE! Plus there will be tons of bribes gifts, guest posts and intros to the amazing chicks who will join yours truly and my kick ass co-conspirator Jennie G and the first  Momz Share event set to launch this March. 
I guess in retrospect this wasn’t really a fit but I blame that on the boys. Really they were amazing and I’m humbled that each and everyone of them agreed to take the time to be here (note to participants: I’ve burned the negatives you’re in the clear)

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