hi ho hi ho HOW MUCH FREAKIN’ SNOW?!!!!

Unless you live under a rock, or really only care about crap that directly effects YOU (selfish beasts)  by now you’ll have most likely gotten word that Washington DC finally went and did it. Yep they ticked off Mother Nature herself and now it looks like we here in the beltway area are in for precipitation of butt kicking proportions. The term “Epic” is being tossed about to give proper weight to our impending doom. This is really the first time in my life that I’m grateful that mom and dad practically raised us in hippie communes. Because of my crunchy upbringing I can cook just about anything on an open flame AND know how to forage for nuts and berries. Both tools that will come in handy as I’m sure society will collapse with the closing of the 24 hour Sprawl Mart. 

This might put some minor kinks in FABruary though. THREE FEET of snow has a way of doing things like knocking out power lines and forcing parents with web addictions to actually spend time parenting… gasp

Therefore I’m doing my part to bring a little bit O’ the fab prior to the storm. I had intended to save these next fabby bits for Friday and beyond but I’m thinking; better do it now. 

I doubt I could muster a fab post when over come with the desire to turn on my neighbor with a snow shovel. You know him. He’s the guy with 357 different “man” toys parked all over the street. Two of which happen to be an ATV and a snow plow attachment for it. NEITHER of which seem to work on anything but HIS driveway and the exertion of that is simply too much for him so he never makes it to clearing HIS sidewalk.

I now bring you the fabulostiy of the newest Nugget family obsession.. Yoo Hoo & Freinds brought to you by the lovely fuzzy minded folks at Aurora World Inc. So WHY are we obsessed with them when SURELY a household containing at least 3 persons under age 10 and 1 um… 30… something… year old stuffy lovin’ mom must be filled to the gills with toys galore? It’s simple, they are MORE than just toys. Sure they are cute, cuddly, squeaky balls of fun but they also teach kids about endangered species from around the globe.

My 10 year old is a bit of a Webkin fanatic. The thing is of the 12 or so of them darn $15 (and up!) things she has I doubt I’ve seen any one of them more than two or three times after she registered it. What she is really into is the on-line community for Webkin fans which you have to BUY your way into with a special code on each toy. Yoo Hoo & Friends offers that FREE all while our kids learn about REAL animals the world over.  

Sure all of this is FAB but what I like even more is that they also have holiday themed friends. I’ve picked up the Valentine’s Day Friends for my kids at Claire’s and you can also find them online.

I was totally stoked to find out they had Easter pals too! Less candy BONUS for ME!  

This guy should be our OFFICIAL Nuggetier mascot, no?
I’ll confess I’m STILL a sucker for a stuffy. Guess on the inside I’m like a 10 year old girl. Only with the biggest BOOM BOOM POW on the planet. And sure I was provided with free samples of the gang for this post but that didn’t stop me from buying MORE. Heck I’ve even got one on a key chain, 
SO professional and junk of me, huh?
The great gang over at Aurora Plush Toys is going to give one lucky Nuggetier a free Yoo Hoo & Friends pal of their very own.
Simply visit their site and come back here and tell me in the coments which one you like best. I’m a sucker for the Blue Platypus with sound.. he’s SO Perry! Oh that means you CAN’T CHOOSE HIM, neener! You can get an extra entry for following them on Twitter @YooHoofriends, just leave me a link to your tweet or tweet me @dipaolamomma telling me all about it. 
This contest ends FABruary 10, 2010 (aka 2/10/2010) at 10 pm EST. Winner will be notified via email so BE SURE I HAVE YOUR EMAIL! 
Stay tuned gang MORE FAB to come. I’m going to try and get two or three posts in ahead of the snow. And if you have a snow blower I can borrow, stop by I’ll make you a GIANT Nuggetini… how’s THAT for incentive?


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