I’m super excited about co-hosting a truly FABruary worthy REAL LIFE event for bloggers with my creative co-conspirator Jennie G (aka @mammamania). It’s called Momz Share and will involve things like signature cocktails, creating buzz, prizes and of course AMAZING chicks who BLOG! DUH

The only part that has some serious suckage going is the fact that I can’t stuff all of my Nuggetiers into my over night bag and take you along with me! Sometimes I wish I owned an airline. It would TOTALLY rock too. Nuggetinis upon boarding, those big mall style massage chairs, designer barf bags…I know I’d like to spew on some of the stuff that John Galliano puts out

and of course you can bring along your bags on ME! REALLY Airlines when the HELL did it become okay to charge us to take a freaking bag? STOP THE INSANITY! and when you figure out how to do that let me know I’ve been trying for eons I’d so hire Travolta to be our pilot too.. as long as he doesn’t wear that creepy skull cap he’s sporting in his latest soon-to-be-flop though tossing in the hotness of Jonathan Rhys Meyers might save it. I mean that thing is scarier than THIS get up

The big BONUS to having my own airline would be that I could bring you all along. But until Boeing gets back to me on the aerodynamic feasibility of a nugget shaped air craft I’ll have to put the class trip on hold. In the mean time though I’m going to introduce you to some of the super cool attendees of Momz Share. IF things work out we’ll also be live streaming on Stickham from the event with some prizes for YOU too! 

First off there is the very stylish Bailey Vincent Clark of  Makeover Momma

who is SO channeling a bit o’ the Scarlett Johansson, yes?

She also writes for My Classy Girl.net with fellow mom blogger “A Mom In Red High Heels” For mothers of daughters. And though she SELDOM uses the word.. she is one of my favorite “Tweeps”. You can find her on twitter as @makeovermomma

Next up is my HOMIE (as in we come from the same Podunk alfalfa-farming-tumbleweed-dust-bowl of a hamlet on the Southern California border with Mexico where drug smuggling a sport and eating cheese fries from Johnny’s burrito shack makes one a gourmand. I’m sort of thinking she’s a CIA operative sent here to monitor my radical ramblings for the good of the many) the lovely, uber talented and funny as hell Jessica McFadden

Photo courtesy Denise George

author of A Parent in Silver Spring. Okay so she is GORGE! She has even MORE gorgeous kids. In addition to her blog writes A Parent in America on The Washington Times Communities and the DC Metro Moms Blog, freelances in The Washington Post Weekend Section on family activities, works writing for Nickelodeon Parents Connect, and on Thursday nights  appears on A Family Affair with Tommy McFly on Mix 107.3, DC’s #1 FM Radio Station to provide listeners with fun, out-of-the-ordinary weekend activities. With all that going for her, can we hate her now? Jessica tweets as  @JessicaAPISS (ooooh she said piss, I’m tellin’)  

From my Homie we move on to my sister in sass Amy Phillips of Accidental Musings

she says of herself …

“I am the Queen Of Inappropriate, Princess of Randomness, and the Duchess of the Non-Sequitur. And I am all that and more, baby! I can say the most inappropriate things and the most inopportune times, and have an opinion about everything. Then one day I realized that all this awesomeness needed to be shared, to be given to world, to give back to those who drive me NUTS. EVERY. DAMN. DAY. Do you not FEEL the love?”

I say AMEN sister girl! And why oh WHY can I not rock that killer hair you’re sporting? I’ve always wanted to be the girl with the curls. Nope I’m the lady with the split personality, half wavy & flat, hair.. HAIR people come on be NICE! You can tweet it up with Amy as @amydpp

And to round it all off for the day (there is MORE we’ve got like 40 chicks signed up.. wholly crap!) I give you our randy Miss Thang

Thien-Kim who’s blog tittle cracks my butt up  I’m Not the Nanny. SURE she blogs about crafts, cooking and other creative endeavors (especially with kids) at Cup of Creativi-Tea. But this one I’m DYING to hear about. She is chronicling her adventures with Dr Oz’s 90 Day Sex Challenge at Laugh in Bed. Our Randy girl tweets as @thienkim. I have to say something to Mr. Dr. Oz Pants though. You know some partners might not be too keen on getting laughed at in bed. So what if I we tied our self up and the DH never came home that is NOT a reason to laugh at me… um I mean them.. yeah THEM!

See now don’t you WISH you could come to Momz Share? Or at least you’re gonna want to make sure to see us live stream (that is if we can get some serious tech help Jenn & I are self confessed techno dummies)

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