We take a break from the FAB for SNOWMAGEDON!

With spotty power in casa DiPaola, 3 effing feet of snow to shovel AND the offspring ALL HOME 24/7 for the past 4 days.. the FAB just ain’t there. BUT it will be.. I promise. Though it’s not like anyone is reading right? I mean DOODZ I’ve got like 5 entries in the Yoo Hoo Friends giveaway  and Carolyn was our winner winner Chicken dinner for the cereal with GREAT odds! Maybe I need to bring back some of the boys? Who knows? All I DO know is that THIS

plus 20 more predicted inches for tomorrow is why I’ve neglected you and slipped even further into the abyss of cabin fever induced dementia. It’s so bad that I just might have to venture out tomorrow for emergency rations (aka Grey Goose and olives). I promise you this… IF I walk away from Snowmagedon 2010 with any scrap of my already shredded sanity in tact I will SO BE BRINGING THE FAB!

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