Chocolate for Valentine’s day..pff!

Howdy my lovely Nuggetiers. I, your fearless leader, have been on a tech break (EVEN twitter, gasp) for the last 48 hours. It was my way of showing The DH that it’s ALL about him. I was going to insert something snarky at this juncture but gang I gotta be honest here.. I DO spend FAR too much time wired into the web.. SHOCK huh? So instead of doing the whole passe chocolate, flowers, and sappy greeting cards (oh how I hate cards that rhyme, I hate them all the time. Mother’s Day or any day I hate them hate them, what can I say?) I gave him my time.. well and a few things I will NOT be sharing on my blog, even I have limits. 

Wait did I say I’d forgone chocolate? NEVAH! In fact I think that I may have just found the next revolution in how we “do” that confection. Our guest today is nothing short of a chocolate genius! When we first found each other on Twitter (where else, duh?) I knew it was karma and well her name is Carmen so there ya go right?

Her following guest post was written prior to my self imposed tech deprived weekend, so it references Valentines Day. That said though it’s STILL really relevant… as you’ll see. One more thing, there is a giveaway involved so be SURE to pay attention. And now I give you the TRUELY FAB Carmen of Chocri!

Hi there, I am Carmen. I have every girl’s dream job: I work for a chocolate company. And I have a secret: I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. Now, we at Chocri ( sell amazing, delicious, hand-made chocolate bars that you can design on our website, and I believe in them, but I don’t think you need to buy them, or jewelry, or anything, for Valentine’s Day. I’ve gone even so far as to blog  about this on our company blog in the post “Chocolate for Valentine’s Day? How boring!”( I believe that if you haven’t managed to bring the message across the rest of the year, it’s too late anyway, and spending money doesn’t make it up.
Now, don’t get me wrong. I like gifts. I can’t get enough of them, and I love giving them. For they are a symbol of your feelings, they might express that the giver just wants to cuddle you because you’re so cute (try to refrain from sending ME, your Nuggetess said expressive gifts. I KNOW that I’m SO cute and cuddly, but you’re just gonna have to learn to control your feelings. I know how hard that is but gang THIS Nugget is taken.), or that you are loved (yeah, yeah.. I love you too). But it’s not about the thing that’s given, it’s about the action of giving. Giving something, really any time of the year, says “I’ve been thinking of you, and I care about you, I want to see you happy when you get this gift (WORD!) In my opinion, it doesn’t matter that you spent several hundred dollars on a necklace. Honestly, I don’t wear jewelry anyway, plus, if you spend more money that’s probably a sign that you feel like you need to make up for your lack of words and action the rest of the year (or that you’re swayed by those really sappy Zales, OH PLEASE). But what matters is you cooking me dinner because you know I had a rough day at work. Action speaks louder than words, too. (I TOTALLY get where Carmen is going here. That said some people are just EXCELLENT at ordering food. Note to The DH: Please stay out of my kitchen. Besides NOBODY wants to eat your Tuna ala Ketchup it’s just WRONG!) 
I’d like to plug Chocri again at this point (please DO! I mean you’re a real cool chick and all but really we want to hear MORE about the chocolatly goodness). No, please stay, I have a reason for it (you had us at “chocolate” babe, DO continue). Should you need a symbol – any time, not JUST for V-Day, you should try out Chocri. Or rather, the “action” of giving Chocri – by customizing a chocolate bar, choosing from 100 toppings exactly those that your “sweetheart” likes the most, REMEMBERING that they are more into dark, milk or white chocolate, choosing a funny name for the bar that only the two of you understand – that takes it from being just amazing chocolate to becoming a symbol that says “I care about you, and I know what you like. I know you.” 
Sure there are LOTS of things out there besides chocolate that you can customize, but I happen to be from a chocolate company, that’s what I talk about (and we are TOTALLY cool with that!). Did you know there is a trend out there called “mass customization“? It’s starting to really gain momentum, a lot of it coming here from Germany like Chocri (those Germans, first it’s cars then it’s Luge sleds, Sprockets
and NOW custom cocoa lovin’) and you should soon be able to create many gifts that are an action rather than just money spent due to a lack of words. 
Oh, and before you go, and you shouldn’t go, because Lara’s blog is worth staying hours on and believe me, I know what I’m talking about (and Lara swoons), please note our Twitter @chocridotcom and Facebook and visit us there sometime – we value every fan and follower, because we learn from you!

Carmen and the German geniuses of chocolate at Chocri want you to have some of your own symbolic chocolate to share or um say SEND TO ME! So they are giving one lucky Nuggetier TWO bars of custom chocolate and THAT my friends says it ALL!

REQUIRED FOR ALL ENTRIES TO COUNT: Fan them on FaceBook or follow them on Twitter

Do BOTH (be sure to leave a comment here for EACH) and you get TWO entries! 

Visit their website, come back here and leave a comment telling me what your favorite combo would be ONE MORE entry there. 

Tweet about this post and contests, leaving a comment here.. and that is ONE MORE entry. 

Blog about this contest and about Chocri (leave me a link in the comments) and THAT gets ya TWO MORE entries, traffic and bloggy lovin’ BONUS! 

SOOO all total if you have WAY too much time on your hands, a Twitter nest, a Facebook page and a blog you can land yourself SIX entries! 

~~Disclosure deets… I was NOT provided with product or cash for this post.. not that I wouldn’t take BOTH, he he. This contest is open to readers in the U.S. and it ends FABruary 22, 2010 at midnight EST. 

AND now we DANCE!

12 thoughts on “Chocolate for Valentine’s day..pff!”

  1. MMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm chocolate. I love chocolate, but since I've been on this damn pc all day and I'm hungry, even hungrier now that I've read chocolate, I can't take the time to go do all these fabulous things.

    However, you know, you could like put me in the bag for maybe feeling guilty that you haven't visited me in a very long time..a long long time. I've been lost nuggetess. Without your wise words blessing my comment section. How will I keep going on like this?

    Of course, chocolate would be a divine heart healer….

    Hee hee

  2. Leaving you a comment to let you know that I hear you on spending too much time online. I have to catch myself and make a conscious decision to stay away when I am off work to be able to focus on the people in the household. Kind of sad, me, I mean…

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