NEVER mess February.. TRUST ME!

In my attempt, lame as it may have been, to bring a bit of fabulosity to this month I’ve learned a few things that have lead me to believe that you JUST DON’T MESS with February.

1. Mother Nature is an evil hag who will dump mounds of frozen water on your head at will in the month of FEBRUARY

2. Trying to do an all girlie type event in the same month as the Super Bowl is counterintuitive to the football fan in me

3. Trying to host blog contests with crappy web connections (see #1) is NOT fun

4. When you’ve spent OVER an hour trapped in the car TRYING to just get into and then out of (without ever leaving said vehicle) the mall parking lot the day before Valentine’s day just taints all things with a muck that is anything but FAB

5. 9 days of “family togetherness” (see #1 again) is a prescription for CRAZY

Combine all 5 ingredients and toss in a little “Internet Security 2010” virus and you are about as far away from FABruary as Tiger Woods is from The Bunny Ranch.

I get it, okay February! I won’t mess with YOU again. I’m not giving up on bringing fabulosity to the Nuggets I’m just no longer deluding myself into thinking I can sustain it for any period of time. It’s sort of like watching American Idol.

One can only stomach so many bimbos who were convinced that they had talent by people trying to get into their pants (hello Posh) before you run screaming from the room swearing off all things Seacrest (hello Ellen). UNCLE… February.. I GIVE UP. Besides the manly men of MANuary were more fun, so THERE!

(FYI, The Gods of Randomizer have smiled upon the winners of all the current bribes. I’ll contact you all via email before Friday)

4 thoughts on “NEVER mess February.. TRUST ME!”

  1. I fully agree that February is a bitch! What gets me through is remembering that I've survived it 33 times before. What's one more time?

  2. February is probably my least favorite month because it's still cold and rainy like Dec/Jan and not yet sunny and warm like the Spring. I'm sure I would only hate it more if snow was involved! Thankfully it's a short month!

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