Did I MISS Friday? Now THAT is a reason to pitch a fit!

Oh my fearless Nuggetiers life here at the lair has been one big ball of craptastic funk, filled with a nougat center of crazy and topped with snow infused with layers of nameless toxins. In sort a confection not fit for human consumption.

First off I miss Fit Pitchin’ Friday, which for me is sort of like going off my meds… NEVER a good thing. Then Lindsey Vonn goes and crushes the dreams of all of US statuesque blonde bombshells on ice by falling on her lovely tuckus in the giant super combined… I so don’t give a crap was just devastated!

Keeping with the athletic theme here, a die hard fan of a certain former boxer with an affintiy for the taste of ear wrestled against my 16 year old son* in the regional finals this week. And how, pray tell, do I know this? I know this because he BIT my son.. YES I SAID BIT! If you aren’t familiar with “real” wrestling… which differs from WW-what-the-F-ever by the fact that is actually a sport and not a choreographed homoerotic soap opera for the Dale Jr fans and gun rack set… BITING IS NOT ALLOWED. Sure you can grab a handful of whatnots or wear a jock that hasn’t been washed all season to throw off your opponent but misdemeanor assault is NOT allowed. The good news here is not that the kid was disqualified. Rather it’s that I was running late and wasn’t there when this happened. For the record I am that crazy mom at youth sporting events who yells like a maniac, corrects referees and bursts out into random flash backs from her cheerleading days. In short I’m the soccer mom you don’t want to run into in a dark ally. Two days after this incident my son is now wrestling for a 5th place divisional seat. He came in ranked in the second spot. I’m thinking being a human appetizer made him off his game. I’m disappointed for him, he worked really hard this year. That said, WOOT no more wrestling!**  

Then there is the menage of loot I have to award to you greedy readers. You have no idea how taxing it is to plug 10 numbers into Randomizer, have it spit out a winner and then track your butts down. GEESH the things I do for you! bwahahahaha Seriously though gang I DO have the winners picked I’ve just been to effing lazy busy to get to posting and notifying. See the thing is I know you’re all (like me) suckers for a giveaway so you’ll keep coming back even if I’m sucky in the bloggy etiquette department.

Well gang it’s Saturday, meaning I’d better scat.. after all Lowe’s awaits (don’t GET me started on that one). I promise to not skip my happy pill a.k.a Fit Pitchin’ Friday again very often. 

*for you new Nuggets that would be #1. Seems there was some confusion when I used #2 in a post last week. For the record I do not refer to my second born with a pseudonym for poop. I’ve got 4 kids, referred to here by their birth order number. Not using their names helps keep the paparazzi off their trail

**Bad Mom Confession: I was sort of hoping he’d get knocked out so I didn’t have to schlep him to practices 6 days a week and possibly aggravate any “condition” my posterior may or may not have by sitting on gym bleachers for hours on “end”.

10 thoughts on “Did I MISS Friday? Now THAT is a reason to pitch a fit!”

  1. "…Dale Jr fans and gun rack set…" that's me. But I don't bit ears – though I have been know to nibble a few in my day. Go Jr.

  2. LOL you had me cracking up, OMG I can't believe he got BIT, not sportsman like at all. As for your BUM (brit) I can understand sitting for 2 hours watching #2 my son in Karate and now #1 in Track my poor Bottom…….

  3. oh yes thank goodness wrestling is over…and basketball my ass was beginning to morph into the wood.
    And my kids are numbered as well…but for us that confuses people when the foster kids change….but making other people crazy helps me think I have some smidgeon of sanity

  4. Wrestling was HUGE in my high school. So I went to tons of meets, probably not as many as a wrestlers mama, but plenty. I never saw anyone get bit! That is crazy!

  5. Ok, since I am your designated hate comment troll, let's seee…….. just kidding!
    Fit pitching Friday is a fantastic concept- needless to say, I effed it up and threw the fit on a Monday- but I will try to remember that when I don't have a Free Shit Friday or a Flashback Friday, I am IN for Fit Pitchin Friday! 😉
    Wow- #hatefail- sorry!

  6. OMG, you make me laugh so hard… I DO NOT miss those days. First it was football (in the New England snow – YUK), then it was diving (in the steamy, hard to breath, with smelly other parents pool area), and track (metal benches in the sun, rain, sleet, yada).
    God bless ya, mama!!

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