It’s ONLY Tuesday?

Meh, it’s Tuesday. I’m not a big fan of Tuesday. It’s not as nefarious as Monday and you can’t come up with as many suggestive terms for it as you can with Wednesday (aka hump day). Thursday is connected to Friday so it’s kind of cool by association. Saturday is bow-chicka-wow-wow day, TMI? And well Sunday, in it’s best incarnation is football day. Even the off season Sunday gets a nod after all it’s inspired some groovy tunes, “Easy like Sunday morning” or that ONE song that Maroon 5 did that actually didn’t make me want to run screaming for noise canceling headphones.  Plus there is the whole, “on the 7th day he rested” thing, can’t ignore the creation of the universe, can ya?

In short Tuesday just sort of puts me in a funk. I’ve got the whole week ahead of me and I’m trying to shrug off the passing of the weekend behind me. So I thought why not just throw my hands up in defeat and go back to bed. Why not? Really? Oh yeah there is the whole, my family can’t do crap without me thing. That sort of puts the kibosh on going back to snoozarooskiville. Dam them! BUT it doesn’t mean I can’t let my lethargy seep in elsewhere. How about here at the Nuggets? I say we start our own movement* and make Tuesdays here all about YOU.

My evil plot plan is to set up Mr. Linky so that you can link up to your blogs. It can be ANYTHING you want it to be. Got a contest going? link it! Want to tell us all about how your cat is bilingual? LINK IT! Know that you are the next super staH of the bloggy world and you’ve got the post to prove it? LINK IT! Don’t feel like linking your stuff but you want us to see that post your sister’s ex-BFF wrote about their crazy weekend in Vegas? LINK IT! Say you blog stalk this really cool writer and you want to share with the rest of the class…. what do you do???? go tell somebody who cares I’m the star here LINK IT!

And to add to the fun I’ll pick one of the links, visit the person who left it and BEG them to guest post for us the following week. So it’s like DOUBLE bonus for ya. You get to link up whatever you want AND you get a shot at immortality, fame, fortune and adoration by being featured HERE! I know you’re all like in disbelief and junk huh? Well fortune favors the bold** so be sure to come link up next week when I have the gig set up.. We’ll call it YOU tell it Tuesday (genius!)

In the meantime I know you’re dying to know who won the loot in my failed attempt at making February FAB right? Well I’ll tell ya…

Tech Savvy Mama won the Chocolate Spa & Cheerios
Carolyn won the General Mills loot
GarciaGirl82, Michele and Cheapskate Mom all won a super cute Yoo-Hoo & Friends plush

If you won and haven’t gotten an email from me it’s because I SUCK or your email does. Please email me at chickennugetsofwisdom at gmail dot com so I can be sure to get you your loot!

*one that doesn’t require the ingesting of shriveled up plums
**the bold, the big boobed, those born into the elite, politicians with a penchant for “coming clean”, sports figures and persons good at picking random numbers in succession.

8 thoughts on “It’s ONLY Tuesday?”

  1. The only thing making this Tuesday bearable is that we have a snow day! The kids are having a blast and have only come in the house to warm up. Once warm they head back out! I'm loving it!

  2. No way! I really won something?!? I'm always giving away stuff on my own site so I'm super thrilled to win the chocolate spa and Cheerios. Yum!

  3. did I miss the Mr. Linky or something???? A day late and a dollar short…
    Darn all these people for winning stuff; I'm in a bit of a dry spell 😀

  4. I don't know why I missed this til now but I'm officially reading it on Thursday. I do love a good Thursday. Much nicer than Tuesdays. :o)

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