yes I AM an Ambassador for The View.. let me explain!

I nearly caused my mother’s conservative Fox-News-watchin’-Sarah-Palin-lovin’ head to explode last week when I broke the news that I’d signed on as an Ambassador for The View. It was one of the rare moments I was glad we live on separate coasts. No one REALLY wants to know what a Pit Bull wearing lipstick is actually capable of!

So WHY did I defy my very own maternal guru and join this group, other than my obsessive desire to join.. well just about EVERYTHING? What got me was that when I was approached about this and said I wasn’t really a “fan” and they STILL wanted me. What a shock! To be honest most companies or organizations that approach me about my blog get to the “Hey I tell it like it is” part and hit the gas like Danica Patrick on race day*.  The producers from The View didn’t. In fact they seem truly interested building a show that has something for everyone.

So far just watching Whoopi Goldberg’s body languagehas been entertaining enough to keep me coming back. Check out his clip with Octomom
(Oh Joy you ask such probing… aka OBVIOUS.. questions)

When all is said and done I’m enjoying the train wreck guests show. It does have a certain edge that sets it a part from anything out there in daytime tv. Mind you day time tv for me, until now, has been Phineas and Ferb or Dora and Diego. The topics are a great mix of thought provoking and cringe inducing. Where else can you have soon to be former Senator Evan Bayh and be-bump-it-ed Snookie from the Jersey Shore on the same sofa?

I’ll keep watching with an open mind and a heathy dash of the surealism. From time to time I’ll come back here and dole out “learned” opinions. If you’d like to keep up with all the Ambassadors we have our own hashtag on twitter #theviewmoms.

And since I know I’ve personally given Cheapskate Mom crap for watching the show I’ll grovel now.. SORRY TAM.. I SUCK.. YOU RULE!

which is fast but not like finishing in the top 10 fast
I’m thinking it says something like “What the HELL Babs this ain’t no 20/20!”
I’m wondering if she got implanted with The Joker’s DNA while shooting up with embryos

I am a participant in a Mom Central campaign for ABC Daytime and will receive a tote bag or other The View branded items to facilitate my review

14 thoughts on “yes I AM an Ambassador for The View.. let me explain!”

  1. You gave into the dark side!! LOL! Video didn't work for me, and I was looking forward to seeing that one! I'll have to dig around on You Tube for it.

    My main problem is that they are so rude to the most sweet people. Octo mom though – I want to see that! She needs a good probing!

  2. You know what? She is nuts. That Octochick has the craziest laugh ever! I don't like watching the show because they treat Elizabeth so mean. I hate confrontation like that.

  3. I loved the video! Octomom is a complete whack job and her maniacal cackling is completely unnerving! So much so that she could face child abuse charges someday for the trauma she inflicts on her kids with that laugh. Yeesh!

  4. I love the View. I obviously don't get to watch it in real time anymore, but I do watch on hulu when the guests interest me. However, seriously. I cannot stand when Whoopie pulls out her Valley Girl voice (every show) STOP IT. Can you tell her to stop? Do you have that pull? And I agree with Jennifer G. – they are SO mean to Elizabeth and she's so darn cute.

  5. Octomom is a boob, a blooming idiot! I don't blame Whoopi, but I cannot stand this show. They think we women are vapid, obviously. I just don't have the time to watch the show, so I appreciate the reminder why!

    Octomom's babies should have been put up for adoption where really good parents, who can't even have one child, could adopt a child THEY could afford and give the proper amount of attention and love. Those parents would be home treating the child well, instead of having to be on talk shows, just to feed all their brothers and sisters.

    Thanks for what you do.

    I'll be glad when Barbwa Wa Wa retires. Hopefully Elizabeth can be the host and not have to put up with so much garbage out of the rest.

  6. I couldn't think of a Better Point of "View", than yours. I like the show sometimes………Mostly Whoopi get's my attention. I Think you'll be great. You Goooo Girl.

  7. I must confess, I sporadically watch…THE VIEW. I don't watch it every day, just when they have someone interesting on or no one else has anything interesting on. I didn't see this particular interview thank goodness. I see Octomom and can't help but think "she is raising children!" As parents, none of us is perfect but I serious concerns about her ability in that department. Procreation requires no skill, parenting is another story. OK, done with my rant…

  8. LMAO I missed this post! I was about to come up in here and remind you of that one time when you gave me shiz for watching The View!

    So what exactly are you doing? You'll have to give me the scoopalicious on that gig!

    xoxo I heart you so you can stop groveling for now 😉

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