You tell ME Tuesday (kick off edition)

Nuggetiers, my sweet sweet Nuggetiers.. today we kick off my lazy excuse for not producing content the first evah.. YOU tell ME Tuesday linky luv fest. How does it work? WEEELLLL every Tuesday I’ll feature someone else’s post that I’ve found tre chic, intriguing, funny or informative. You read then link up one of your own. It can be ANYTHING! Running a contest? link it! Got a bone to pick? LINK IT! Have a cause to support… what do you do??? Call the local Boy Scouts? NOPE LINK IT!

Today we kick it off with the super groovy Ri of Music Savvy Mom who got me groovin’ yesterday with this post (an homage to Moi no less) 

Did somebody say FUNK…?

Yes, they did.
And yes, I do take requests. Here’s the proof.
See, just now on Twitter, HootSuite,  I saw that DiPM (that’s the rapper name I gave her) over at Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom sent me the following Tweet:
And so I give you…By Order of DiPM…the Monday Funk-Shakin’ Mix.  I’m sitting here in Panera with my headphones on, trying my best not to make a total and complete moron of myself.  I can’t stop myself from boppin’ and groovin’.  If YOU can…well, then check your blood sugar.  You may need a twinkie.




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