Wednesday’s WORD … what?

I am wholly incapable of participating in things like Wordless Wednesday do to an affliction I’ve had since my toddler years. I suffer from a malady known as, verbal diarrhea. I’m currently in treatment for this, being held to a strict regimen of 140 charters by Dr. Twitter several times a day. I confess, though this treatment is enjoyable, it’s not exactly curbing my “episodes”.  I THOUGHT I’d give it a go today (failing already OBVIOUSLY) and just put ONE word out there….

But I feel compelled to add to this one word by saying you MIGHT want to click on said word and maybe play nice with the kids over there. If you’re thinking of maybe hanging out with me at  BlogHer 2010 in NYC and say um, winning some dough here at The Nuggets next week to help you get there, this “word” might be of value to you. 
As I continue to struggle with the burden of loquaciousness I thank you for refraining from asking me to “SHUT THE HECK UP ALREADY!”. Enjoy your Wednesday be it wordless or wordful, WORD UP! 

6 thoughts on “Wednesday’s WORD … what?”

  1. loquaciousness…..not only are you wording it up like a mofo you are using big words too….makes my brain hurt in the morning….lol

  2. Hello there!
    Found you via Twitter and the #relevant tag..
    I'm originally from the Mount Airy area. We've been in Fl for about 5 years now.. and missing MD very much.

    You have an adorable blog here. Look forward to following along..

  3. Maybe it's just me (I am slow and crabby today) but when I click on your word, I get nothing…page link dead….

  4. Did you get one of those Word of the Day desk calendars at the last re-gifting party? Loquaciousness, really? I have children to give me a headache, I don't need your big words too. Try "verbal spew", that's what I call my affliction.

    Can't wait to Whrrl with you! 😉

  5. LOL…that's funny…I started doing Wordless Wednesday just last week in an attempt to save myself some frikkin writing for once, but like you, just can't help myself & still wound up with a paragraph or 2 of writing….why do we do this to ourselves?? LOL!


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