My kid KILLS me!

Today I give you the musical stylings of #1. By his own admission this video is not the best quality. It cuts off the top part of his head, it’s pitchy, and his room is a mess*. His disclaimer is that he was “just messing around”. I think this is 16-year-old-boy-ease for “l was trying to impress some chick”. What he did succeed in doing was making me get all verklempt. See the kid wrote both the music and the lyrics here. Try to filter out the cracking notes and hear the story. It makes me blubber like a Project Runway designer! 

Without further ado I give you Nugget child #1 singing his original song “Summer Time” 

*yes shocking I know, a 16 year old boy with a filthy bedroom..gasp


8 thoughts on “My kid KILLS me!”

  1. Wow! I anticipate seeing Nugget #1 on American Idol someday. What a beautiful song…and I'd say that must be some girl he's trying to impress!

  2. Jennifer G, Two Braids & Dee.. thanks SO much for the kind words. He is rather ticked off at me for posting the video because "oh mom I sound like crap" … um YEAH right kid! You may not be Evils (Costello that is) but you sure as heck are not Sanjaya! My reasoning to him was, "It's the video or the picture of you at 2 in nothing but grandpa's fire boots!" That shut him up.

  3. Wow! Proud Mom Moment! He sounds great.

    We have a musician in our house too… you have to be sneaky to hear him though.

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