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The “Man” is among us. Today is, YOU tell ME Tuesday. With all the excitement over yesterday’s big announcement, and frankly my exhaustion with all the behind the scenes work, I’ve got zero in the bloggy tank gang. How apropos that last week I channeled Nostradamus and launched this stroke of lazy genius.

Blog how to.. ya got that right? Or is it blog know how? Oh forget it! You remember how this works, right? It’s my excuse for not writing and your chance to link up whatever you want. Got a contest, cool post, cause to rally  around or a classic to dust off?

Link up below and we’ll all mingle.

4 thoughts on “Mr Linky”

  1. I'm linking to a post Rob did about his dad for this morning. It means more than any babbling I've been doing.

  2. You're off sleeping somewhere while we do all the work for you, aren't you?? Geesh… the things I do for you!

  3. Love it, especially when you have THOSE days when you just don't have it in you to pull a post out! I'm linking my Twitter post…a cross between a How To & a rather funny look at it's "real world" applications! If only communicating with my 4 rug rats was this easy LOL!


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