The SEEDs of Inspraration BlogHer sponsorship contests hosted by the Team SEED bloggers are in full swing. I’m hosting the Whrrl portion of the fun.

{sing it Frank} Come Whrrl with me.. come Whrrl.. let’s Whrrl away

Scuttlebutt, has it that some of you are worried that Whrrl-ing is hard and/or time consuming. Let me say this gang, I’ve got four kids, 2 cats, more laundry to do than can be considered humane PLUS a hubby who scowls when I get near the computer in his presence. 

Kelly Ripa and her scrawny, Electrolux lovin’ butt ain’t got nothing on me kiddos. If I can Whrrl you can do it with me. The heck-a awesome team at Whrrl has done a great “how to” that can help. Check it out HERE. Plus they’ll have more coming to their site next week that I have no doubt will further prove their level of cool over there.

On a creative note, it also seems that some of you think you have to be all “mushy mommy mwah mwah”. NOPE! Of course if that is your shtick run with it, but if you want be a goofball go for it. The folks at SEED are working with me, thus proving they can take a joke!

I know that Makeover Momma’s vlog thing seems kind of scary too. Really though Nuggetiers if I can putt my be-wrinkled-momstached mug up there for countless strangers on the web you can too!  As for Hip As I Wannabe’s leg of this contest carnival, well gang that is a blog post you don’t have to pull out of your tail, she tells you what to write about. I’ll bet you, like me, have sat staring at the monitor, blank-brained and desperate for inspiration. Unlike me though, you can enter the contests for a shot at a cash AND a exclusive invite to the SEED and The City ultra cool NYC cocktail party.

So get crackin’ gang. You can enter each contest once a week through March 31st. I EXPECT to see some Nuggetiers at BlogHer {I’m having our beanie caps designed at this very moment}.
CLICK HERE to enter at Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom
CLICK HERE to enter at Makeover Momma
CLICK HERE to enter at Hip As I Wannabe

I’d advise going easy on the cosmetics though. The street walker look really only works on me. 

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  1. Dede:

    You can find them in the link or click on the Button under "Current Bribes" on my left side bar. Sorry I keep trying to make this simple, it starts out that way in my head!

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